One reader's erotica is another reader's. . .  

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One reader's erotica is another reader's. . .

As I near completion of my current manuscript, I look back on the opinions expressed by those who've read the original version, or just sample chapters.

There is a lot of sex in the novel. My editor claims I've created my own new publishing category:

Erotic military thriller

Hooray for me! Combining three of my great loves. No big leap there.

What astounds me is the number of "fan" letters I've gotten regarding a particular scene from the novel. A scene, in fact, that at least a hundred people have confided to me they acted out with their significant other after they'd read it.

You'd think it would've been the more graphic scenes earlier or later in the book. Instead, it's more of a "use your imagination to fill in the blanks" sort of scene. I didn't even include a blow job in it!

At any rate, considering the venue, I thought I'd share this particular scene--only a few paragraphs long--for your. . .reinactment pleasure.

She turned the tap hotter than usual, trying to bring some semblance of wakefulness into her brain that his French roast coffee hadn't. They were facing an enormously trying day--no pun intended--on less than half an hour's sleep. Of all the times for an all-nighter, she thought, running her hands over her wet hair before pouring shampoo onto it. She heard the glass door snap open while her head was under the pounding stream of the shower head. She quickly rinsed the shampoo from her face as she felt his hands reaching for her.

"We're already going to be late," she giggled as he drew her close.

"I'll make it quick," he told her, biting her earlobe and sliding himself against her soapy skin.

She gasped, feeling her response as keenly as the first time they'd been bare skin to bare skin the night before. My God, he had a beautiful body.

"Well, maybe not that quick," she sighed before drawing his mouth down to hers.

Then they were kissing beneath the flow of hot water. She was breathless as he pressed her against the cool tile of the shower wall. Her legs nearly gave way beneath her as he kissed his way downward, ending up on his knees before her. Soon she was crying out, his head in her hands, his hands holding her up against the wall. When the orgasm subsided, he stood, turning her facing away from him, and slipped inside her from behind. It hadn't taken them long to learn how to compensate for the difference in their height. They moved together as if they'd been crafted solely for that purpose.

You'd think we would have worn it out already, she thought before she lost herself in him again.


See. No big deal, at least not to me. Been there, done this with crappy to spectacular results--depending on the man I was with. But there must be something it evokes in the mind of the reader that just does the trick.

Hmmm. . .oral sex + shower = happy readers.

Wonder how many times I can get away with this trick!

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