NEW GAME--Fire's Spam Story Challenge  

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8/17/2006 11:17 am

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NEW GAME--Fire's Spam Story Challenge

Good Morning Faithful Readers! Happy Thursday!
Here's an interesting little game I came up with a couple of nights ago and wanted to share with you. It's more of a challenge, really.

We all get them. Those idiotic spam emails with ridiculous subject lines. So, since we can't seem to staunch the flow of the crap, we might as well have fun with it.


Write a drabble--very short story--using the spam subject lines listed below.


You have to use all of them--AS IS--but in whatever order you choose.

Good luck!

**Rock hard erectionz, Nestor

**Attention: Stay at home Moms

**Wish it was Bigggger, Ezra

**babysit great ammonia

**argumentative huge cleric

**Trojan Latex Condoms On Us

**Even when the cute babe drives you, it occurs before or shortly after penetration

**Increase Semen and Shoot further, Up to 5 times more

**build a strong position while price is low

**Beg for more, Jimmy

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/17/2006 1:47 pm

Aw Jeeze! I wish I would have seen this before I made a fool of myself in my latest Steamy Story!

IamWetFire 52F

8/17/2006 7:40 pm

Well, there's always tomorrow Delicious One!

IamWetFire 52F

8/18/2006 11:59 am

Okay, I finally got around to taking up this challenge myself. So, here goes. A day in the life of a part-time Domme. . .

Ezra ran her hands over her naughty school girl outfit as her sub entered the dungeon. Jimmy was dressed as a priest this time, round and bulging out of his soutane in the most bothersome places. He must've seen the look on her face. He grinned self-consciously, pressing hands against his protruding belly.

"I wish it was bigger, Ezra," he sighed. "But it was the only priest costume the store had."

At least it wasn't the baby fetish this week, she thought with relief, remembering the game. Having to babysit, great ammonia clouds of stink coming from his ruined diaper.

To each their own, she reminded herself, but was still happy he'd decided on another scene today.

Age fetish and priest/nun play was not what she'd had in mind when she'd gotten the ad in the mail that read, Attention: Stay at Home Moms! It promised big profits for those brave enough to 'build a strong position while price is low.' She could never have dreamed answering the advertisement would have ended like this.

Dominatrix for fun and profit.

She paid the fees for her start-up kit and joined in the ground-floor operation. Now she was her own franchise. Kinks-R-Us.

She sighed, her 6-inch platform spike Mary Janes killing her feet, as Jimmy groused about the ropes being to rough as she lashed him to the post. The argumentative, huge cleric wannabe, was going to be a very bad boy today. She pulled the ropes tighter around his middle and drew his hands higher, up and over his head. He yelped like a puppy.

"Oh, did that hurt?" She growled seductively, walking around him and examining her handiwork.

"You will not address Father Nestor like this," Jimmy grunted, struggling against the ropes.

Yes. Very bad today.

She lifted up his robes in the back to find he wore nothing underneath.

Extremely bad today, she smiled. These were the days she loved her work.

As the riding crop grazed his jiggling white buttocks, he fought the ropes and tried to issue orders to her.

"Trying to Top from the bottom again, Jimmy?" She scolded. "Well, we'll see about that."

She strode powerfully around him, the crop lightly tickling here, snapping against unsuspecting flesh there.

"Beg for more, Jimmy," she purred into his face, tapping his limp genitals with the tip of the crop.

"Nestor!" He roared. "That's Father Nestor, you impudent child!"

Oh, my. He really did need a lesson today. She left purple welts behind her as she sauntered away from him, her hips swaying beneath the pleated plaid miniskirt. She made a grand show of foraging around in her tool chest. She could practically feel the waves of anticipation pouring off him where he hung behind her. She found the item she was seeking, holding it up for him to see.

"Hmm," she murmured. "This little goodie guarantees rock hard erectionz, Nestor."

She could see the fearful and delicious anticipation in his eyes, felt her own thrill of excitement as his whole body shivered.

"Increase Semen and Shoot further, Up to 5 times more," she informed him as if reading from a package description. "And heaven knows you need it. . .Nestor."

She pulled the latex gloves from her skirt pocket, the tool tucked under one arm. She made a great show of making sure the gloves were perfectly fitted upon her hands. Before she could slip his penis into the device, however, he'd already dribbled down his leg.

She shook the tool at him, then slapped his face hard, twice, the latex gloves making the sound echo through the room.

"You are pathetic," she growled dangerously, inches from his face.

Jimmy began to cry piteously, talking to himself in the third person. "Even when the cute babe drives you, it occurs before or shortly after penetration."

This was the moment that made or broke a Domme. What was too much? When was too far? She stroked his hair.

"We went to a hooker last week," he burbled, again in the third person, his eyes glazed with tears and somewhere far away. "Even before she could put the Trojan Latex Condoms On Us, we'd done it on our leg."

She was no therapist. She didn't want to be. To be obligated to carry such heartbreak around, the worst of times for so many people, riding upon her shoulders.

She took his spent penis, placed it in the tool and activated it. She watched as his face shifted in a kaleidoscope of emotions. Discomfort, pain, and then the beginnings of arousal. Before it was over, she saw the light of hope on the tear-streaked face.

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