Can't a lady get laid in this town!?  

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8/5/2006 2:52 pm

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Can't a lady get laid in this town!?

"Offer them what they secretly want and they of course immediately become panic-stricken." -- Jack Kerouac

Here's my biggest complaint about my post-divorce dating misadventures:

Give a man that so longed-for "friends with benefits" and he runs like his rectal hair is on fire!


I don't want to marry you. I don't want to have your little babies. I don't even want you to help pay my bills!

I only want to fuck you/make love with you on a regular basis and go out to eat and to the movies with you a few times a month. That's it! Oh, and monogamy. Since I give it, I expect it in return or it's no dice.

And yet, I cannot for the life of me keep hold of a man for this.

Once this "fuck buddies" fantasy becomes a reality, they get "overwhelmed," tell me I'm "too much woman," or "too good to be true," whine how they really weren't ready for this sort of thing after all. Or, they slip and say the "L" word and it's no-joy after that.

Again, I say: WTF!?

What's wrong with this picture? I want a friend that I can pal around with and have sex with on a regular basis without the bullshit of having myself and my finances tied up with a legal document.

Trust me on this one. I'm twice divorced and thrice shy when it comes to making it "legal" ever again. He's going to have to look better than Scott Bakula and have more money than Trump and Microsoft combined and pay me. Bitter? Yes. But not without just cause.

So. . .why can't a gal just get laid by her friend/lover and forego all that tied-down nonsense.

And, I'll add here: laid WITH RESPECT. Just because I don't want to walk down the aisle, I'm no slut. I'm in touch with my passion and desires, I'm not hawking it on a street corner.

Is there a middle ground, guys? Somewhere I can be your lover and your friend and activities partner. . .in and out of the bed?

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