Is there anyone left out there that is proud too be a hairy woman?  

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10/17/2005 11:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is there anyone left out there that is proud too be a hairy woman?

I'm seeking a Natural Hairy Woman. Someone that doesn't feel they need too shave there PUSSY HAIR too fit in with SOCIETY... Someone who doesn't need too where make-up too be pretty, (Natural PRETTY PLANE JANE)... Also someone that has there own hair... I'm into long pretty hair, & pretty feet... I love sucking pretty feet,(I have a foot fetish) & Sucking a wet hairy pussy... Someone that has hairy arms, hairy side burns, thick full eye brows,& a light mustache on a hairy woman is so very SEXY... Hair on the knuckles, & also on the toes. I love the hair on the stomach as well (happy trail).I like the hair on the legs & thighs... I really like the hair in the ass crack,& all around the ass cheeks... I love too look at a woman's hairy ass while I'm Fucking the CUM from her Hairy Bush in the doggy style position. watching her soak up that pretty hair with her cum & cum covering my chocolate mandingo stiff cock, soaking my balls as I pound on her Clit... I've seen my hairy woman in my different races that I can't name them all... From Blk., Wht.,Italian,Indian,Spanish,Asian,Jewish,Arabic,Native American,etc.

sweet_kellz 30F
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2/7/2006 11:36 pm

um unless u want a bush monkey u aint gonna get a chic lyk that! n who has hair on there ass ne way?eww n chin hair um maybe an 90yr old grandma myt hav sum but err no not this day n age sweety!!!

latinaone 55F

9/22/2007 6:40 pm

Ewwwh. Sorry Dude. 'Don't know any women like that anymore. This is the age of LASER.

SleepyAngel23 34F

9/27/2007 3:12 pm

Lucky for you I don't shave my danger zone.
Good luck!

Sleepy Angel

I my friends!!

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