Venus in The Afternoon  

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8/16/2005 4:41 pm

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Venus in The Afternoon

It’s getting late in the afternoon, the sun of a scorching day, finally is giving up, going down behind the islands afar. Long, yellowish-red rays enter the room from the open balcony door of our, now dim lit, hotel bedroom. The sounds of the waves pour in.

Following the sun cues, I’m also slowing down my pace, trying to catch some breath, she’s been much more than I could’ve imagined… We made love throughout the afternoon in such intensity, such passion, such gusto, as only newlyweds in their honeymoon know… Just we’re not in our honeymoon, we’re not even married, actually I barely know her.

We met the day before by the pool. After some idle chitchat about the amenities of our hotel in the Greek’s Islands, I offered to pass sun lotion on her back. As soon as my strong hands touched her body’s perfectly tanned and soft skin, it was magic! Maybe torched would be a better word, because that’s what we felt: hot, instant, sensual connection. We knew exactly what would come… and just enjoyed the mutual knowledge.

Now, she’s by my side in bed, I’m ogling and playing with her small, but toned and elegant body, trying to recoup my energy for the night that promises even more. Maybe I’ll need some more of the strong wine and oysters we enjoyed together for lunch. My hands, my mouth can’t have enough of her skin, of her taste. I hold her breasts, squeeze then with my hands, play with nipples that are hard as small beads, I bite, suck them. My mouth now is up her neck, I feel the delicious perfume from her long dark-brown hair. She’s moaning, trying to reach me, but I don’t let her. I want to tease her a bit more… As if it was needed. My hands go around her body, massaging, holding tight, down her back, her butt, her thighs, in between… I touch her between the legs, knowing exactly where and how to please her. That’s been the magic of our encounter: we just know how to satisfy each other. Without words, just looks and instinct.

My mouth is once again tasting her, I could never imagine a woman could be so sweet, she tastes like honey. My tongue goes up and down, in and out, discovering more yet her curves. I know that I won’t be able to hold her back no more. She’s pulling me up, she wants to feel me inside of her again…

Then, it happened! The bedroom door was opened ajar, suddenly. We both seat at the bed’s edge trying to understand what was happening. I confess, I turned to face the door expecting to see a gun’s barrel, hold by the hand of a jealous husband… And we saw: there she was, tall, long legged, astonishingly beautiful, golden skinned brunet, with her jet-black hair flowing. She had only a short skirt and a thin blouse; through witch, the forms of her firm, bra-less breasts, could be guessed. Now that she was closer, she looked like a taller version of my friend, almost like a big-sis.

She walked toward our bed. With a skilled movement she got rid of her skirt, just perfect skin below that. In same fashion, the blouse was flashed open, exposing natural breasts that would make the Venus statue on the hotel entrance envious. Actually, her appearence of a live version of the statue, is uncanny.

She moved with purpose, getting closer to the bed. I murmured something that sounded senseless. Finally, I reclaimed a bit of awareness and faced the woman by my side: she was as fascinated as I… More surprises from my companion…

The visitor, finally reached us. It did not take a minute from the moment she entered the room to reach our bed, but it felt like a small eternity. She pulled my girl’s head against her goddess like breasts; instant electricity was felt in the air. Not knowing exactly my place yet, I just observed, aroused as never before. The new comer turned to me and grabed my manhood. She attacked it with passion. She was controlling the game… Guiding us further into bed, adjusting us in a strange, lustful triangle. Hands, mouths discovering pleasure places in each inch of our contorted bodies. I taste her, could it be possible that she was even sweeter? No, not sweeter, but a different nectar. I looked and my girls (if I dare say that) and they were discovering each other breast with their mouths. A bit of a contrast in sizes, but both perfect in shape.

I don’t know how many hours our diversion lasted. I don’t even know when I just drowned into my own exhaustion and fell asleep. How long they kept with each other bodies enjoyment is just a guess. Still blinking, my body sore, i saw my lady by my side. She was still tranquilly sleeping . I nibbled her nipples and ear lobs, she smiled: “Is it morning already? Where is Venus?”. I say to her “Venus? So that’s your friend’s name?...”. The surprised retort “What do you mean? My friend? I though she was your friend! You called her Venus! You let her in!”. “I didn’t let her in! I’ve never saw her before. For all I know, the door was locked. I though you were surprising me… So that’s what I called her: Venus? Well, she really reminded me the statue up front. You don't think…”

We left the hotel next morning, together, not knowing what would happen next in our lives, but recalling vividly that, now long gone, afternoon. One thing never left my mind, the shadow of a smile I swear I saw on the Venus' statue as we walked away from the hotel…

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