Sensual Torture  

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Sensual Torture

MJ woke up startled. She was unsure as to where she was or how she got there. A dreamlike sensation was around her. She could not see perfectly, a piece of cloth was wrapped around her eyes. It was made from a very light, soft, semi-transparent fabric, which allowed her a cloudy view of her surroundings. Trying to move she discovered to be bound to the bed where she was lying. Arms and legs were tied to head and foot boards, forcing her into a spread position. The binds were not hurting or too tight, and allowed her some liberty of movement; however it was clear that the binds were placed in such a way, she would not be able to unbind herself, or change too much the way her body was displayed, over the soft sheets that covered the surprisingly comfortable mattress… She also immediately realized that she was completely naked but for another piece of the same thin cloth covering from her breasts down to just below her hips. It was so thin, and molded to her beautiful body that she thought to herself that it was not really much different from being totally exposed.

She looked around but it did not bring much more information or recognition of the place. It was some kind of room, with a tall ceiling and a large double door that lead to a balcony. She could not identify anything beyond that. She also could see that the only source of light on the room came from lit candles. The whole room was littered with those candles. They were everywhere: over the furniture, on the floor, on shelves on the walls. The breeze coming from the balcony was causing the candle’s flames to move around, turning the whole place in a shadow-dance hall. There was an intense perfume in the air, which she guessed, was coming from the candles. The final result of the setup was somehow inebriating and sensual, the bindings, the cloth, the scented candles, all contributing to an unsettling arousing sensation.

Her head was turning, she needed to make sense of all this… That perfume… “No! Think, MJ, think!” But it was difficult to organize any coherent thought. She could remember to drink a bit too much the night before… “Night before?” She was not even sure which day it was! Then she left the party, with the beautiful brunette she met there; Monique. They were heading to her boyfriend’s house to surprise him with an after-party merrymaking. They stopped to check a tattoo parlor; they got in because Monique insisted to look at the artwork, then it was all blurry. “Gosh!” She exclaimed, as a doubt stroked her “Did I really get a tattoo on my breast? Damn it! This damn scarf can’t avoid a blind man to ogle at my body but it won’t let me see if I have a tattoo or not!”

She heard laughs. A girl’s and man’s malicious laugh. His rough sensual voice accompanied the laugh; however she could not comprehend what he said. He was definitely getting closer to her room. He came through the double doors. Not too tall, but muscular, exuding confidence. He was wearing just a piece of the same material wrapped around his waist line. The rag was doing a poor job in hiding his excitement. Behind him another person came. She finally identified a woman covered in the same fashion as hers. As if that could be called a cover… It let MJ guess forms of a perfect body where hard breasts were prominent; they gently bounced under the thin garment while she walked. She could not see their faces though; or better she could see but they were covered in a colorful fashion, making it impossible to figure out their real appearance.

They got closer to her, by the side of the bed, and the guy started caressing the other girl’s body. Thighs, belly, back, butt, breasts, all were targeted by his hands, that now, close as they were, looked strong and skilled… The unsettling sensation was increasing. She told herself she had to fight that feeling; that the last thing she needed, laying there naked but for a handkerchief over her body, was to get horny. But with the candles’ strong fragrance invading her in such way, and the beautiful bodies enjoying each other in front of her, she knew the fight would be a tough one. Her tanned body was betraying her, showing off her inexplicable excitement. The hardness of her nipples, the heat burning inside, the waves assaulting below her bellybutton; all just too obvious to hide…
MJ was amused with her own lack of fear. She new perfectly what was about to happen and yet, she was not scared. In truth, desire was intensifying inside her.

His hands were more invasive now, plunging underneath the cloth, discovering niches in the excited woman’s body. Touching, squeezing, making the girl moan in pleasure, and making MJ anticipation grow stronger. The candles, the perfume, the images, the bindings… Her brain was turning again, only, this time, passionate desire was to blame. Her body was starting to tremble with desire, lust overcoming her senses. Her breasts were hard with excitement, her nipples like small round beads, throbbing, as if they could pierce through the thin cover. The heat inside her was becoming feverish. A swift move of the man’s hand and the girls garment finally gave up. What was exposed was pure beauty. MJ was conscious of her own appearance and had to admit that she met her rival. Luscious skin that definitely invited the touch, toned thighs, without being over muscular, breasts that would incite lust in a marble statue. He tasted her nipples, long wet kisses, nibbles… His hand plummeting between her legs… moans becoming muffled screams… MJ was deep involved in the scene, listening to those muffled screams when she become conscious that the moans were also her own. She surprised herself liking what she was seeing. She was contorting herself, an inexpressible wave of ache for pleasure invading her, she wanted them! She wanted them both now!!

They looked at her in recognition for her craving. They came to the bed, each one to a side. They started caressing her body, from her legs up to her thighs. The girl’s soft hands touch contrasting with the vigorous contact of his. Mouths tasting her, kisses, bites, all increasing MJ’s sensations. She was entering in frenzy she had never experienced before. The only thing that scared her at this point was that she liked it. A lot… Her body ready for what was about to come…They moved to the upper part of her body and started to uncover her. Hands and mouths were touching, enfolding, nibbling, biting, licking her hard breasts. Her body convulsing with pleasure, MJ attempted to touch them with her hands, and saw she could not, she tried to get her mouth to theirs with same result. She needed it, she wanted it. Both looked at her and laughed, in the same malicious manner she heard as they were coming to the room. He told the girl “She did not guess yet.” She turned to him “No, but soon she will …”

They started caressing each other again, kissing, touching, their bodies in a embrace right over MJ’s own body. She could see, but not touch… She could smell their perfume, but not taste them… He started to rub his phallus on MJ’s belly, gentle moves around her belly button, down almost touching her clit, just to retreat back to her belly, and again. At the same time the girl teasing her bringing her breast so close to MJ’s mouth that she could almost guess her taste, but she could not touch her. Her hands were going around MJ’s breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. MJ was going crazy with desire; she needed them as she never needed to have anybody before… And then it hit her! “That IS the game! That’s why I’m bound! They do not think I’ll try to escape! They want to torture me! Torture me with my own desire!” She told them in between pleasure sighs “I got it! I know! I can’t take anymore! Unbind me”. Again they laughed and the man asked, in a way that made clear he already new the answer perfectly well: “Are you sure you will not try to leave?” MJ retort just made them laugh again: “Can’t you see I’m not going anywhere? Can’t you see there is nowhere else in the world I wanna be?” The man made a discreet sign to the girl that reached to some type of control on the wall behind MJ. She immediately felt the bindings relax the grip. She was free! Free to have them! And that was everything she wanted at that moment. She launched herself into the man’s arms searching for his mouth with her own, her hands pulling him inside her, her nails scratching his back, immediately her mouth searching for the girl’s breasts, that eluded her just moments before. Lastly tasting, touching… As she though it would be… Almost divine…

MJ woke up startled. She was unsure as to where she was or how she got there. A dreamlike sensation was around her. “No. Not again!” But she immediately recognized her boyfriend’s bedroom. She seated at a jump. To find him by her side and, by his other side, Monique, sound sleeping. He smile and asked her: “What’s wrong, babe? Bad dream? You and your friend were too much last night! Wow!” MJ was still confused; she could still smell those candles’ aroma in the air… But it couldn’t be… As her boyfriend jumps out of bad and walks toward the restroom she sees it… four long nail scratches on his back… And on the breast of the girl looking back at her from the mirror, a colorful tattooed serpent with its tongue going around her nipple…

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10/7/2005 8:55 pm

This was the most exciting, sexy one I have read.

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