Loneliness Volcano  

ILuv2LuvGirls 53M
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9/5/2005 11:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Loneliness Volcano

Memories of old loves assault my empty night.

The first love, which I didn't even know how to tell her how I felt…but I've learned

The second one, which I didn’t even know how to kiss…but I've learned

The next one, which I didn’t even know how to say I was not into her anymore and just stopped calling, visiting, talking to. Scoundrel behavior… but I've learned

Finally the long lasting one, which I did not know how to make last forever… or was it just life?… but I've learned

The new one, which I did not know how to make come true… but I'll learn

All those memories fizzle inside of me, like hot lava clibing up a volcano well, gurgling, dominating my throat… bellow not released… Tears not dropped…

I seek for solace in chat rooms… A beautiful girl teasing her admires… Another one having fun with herself…A hot couple giving us all a enticing show… all fugacious distractions…

In the end, the only female by my side is my cat sprawled at my feet… The space besides mine in bed still is empty…and the lava still burns within…

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot but still it is not enough to keep a woman happy, in my bed, by my side…

And that’s all I ever wanted to learn…

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