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8/12/2005 10:28 am

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For Monkeyz, my Princess

It’s early morning. A lazy sunrise can be seen through the curtains that swing in the rhythm of the suave breeze that comes from outiside. Beyond the curtain, indistinctly, the balcony with the Jacuzzi and the champagne bottles from the night before. The sweet smell of love still permeates the air. Beyond, the emerald-blue sea waves’ movement bring back memories of last night’s body motions.

Slowly, I open my eyes and see that she is really there. It was not a dream. Still, I can’t believe it. The black see-through negligee tries hard to cover her small, tanned body. Her firm, small breasts move up and down with her tranquil respiration. Is that a shadow of a smile I perceive on her face? Can she be reliving last night? And more, does she feel it to be a happy recollection?…

I slide my hand under her garments, feel the curves of her tights, butt and belly. So soft. The beautiful color of her skin, now under a furtive sunshine that peers through the room, remembers a ripe fruit, inviting a hungry man… She giggles, softly slaps my hand, and turns her back to me: -“Do you never get tired? I’m still sleepy!”… The only possible answer: “Nobody gets tired on a dream!”. She giggles again, a sensual childish giggle, a strange mixture of lust and chastity, which her small, beautiful, body forms exacerbate: temptation! She finally retorts: -“It’s not a dream, you fool. I’m right here by your side! Now let me sleep a bit more…”.

But I can’t! I can neither believe she’s there nor that she wants to sleep more…

I continue to explore the angelical softness of her body, bringing my rough hand up to her breasts, her well rounded and sized nipples come alive, hardening, bringing her farce down… She is breathing harder. Muted, pleasure-provoked moans escape between more giggles. My hands are
traveling, touching, instigating, and making her feel all my desire. I turn her to face me, gently slip off her skimpy night dress, and feel the taste of her nipples… sweet honey... I bite; she contorts her body and groans… I pull her even closer; gently kiss her lips, her mouth… I let her feel my passion pulsing inside her…

Oh havens, if this is a dream I want to sleep forever…


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