The big move today - and shopping!  

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12/16/2005 5:15 am

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The big move today - and shopping!

My good friend and I have secured tickets to Sonata Arctica on the 4th of February.


I settled up with him on the cost of the tickets yesterday when some friends and I all went in $10 to get my roommate the Star Wars Trilogy for Xmas. I also got another friend the Star Wars Risk boardgame for his 18th birthday on Sunday. I still have to buy for my Mom, my brother Colin, and friends: Steve and Jon. I have no idea what to get Steve...but Jon will love his gift heh heh...

I won't have internet for the Xmas break (tonight through the 2nd), so I will only be checking the occasional email here and there on a College computer, or possibly over here at the Residence apartments while my old roommate is still here (he leaves on Tuesday). I'm going to be quite busy today moving tho, and I have some shopping to do later as well. Cody, one of my roommates leaves back to Brooks today at noon....

The Residence Assistant (Shawn) has appointed me floor leader for the tower as well. So, I'm pretty busy the next couple of days....I also want to get the shopping done before most of the people leave. Means a road trip to Whyte Avenue, and a few hours on the "search"...

No phone till January 2 either! (Except my cell on weekends)

Colin, my married little brother is here on the 2nd through the first week of January with his new wife Kerri, so there will be a second Xmas there and will be nice to see them. Can't wait till the 4th of February tho! (I have 2 t-shirts and a hoodie from the band already, one of which I wear with pride

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