Medieval Night:  

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12/3/2005 7:38 am

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Medieval Night:


...went as planned with a great turnout of staff, students and classes alike. Many displays were featured such as medieval clothing, cooking, needlework, armbands, weapons (including my sword, a catapult, and a trebuchet).

We featured media in the background on the big screen from such movies as Monty Python's Holy Grail, Camelot (1967) w/ Richard Harris, and Excalibur. We also did the sing-alongs to the famous Knights of the Round Table, Sir Robin, and the monk scene.

There was popsicle stick making for the kids where they made catapults that launched marshmellows ( and really worked!) and then a trebuchet vs. catapult demonstration in the gym, where the trebuchet shot its ammunition the entire length of the gym, the catapult about half.

We also enjoyed hot Mulled Cranberry and Apple Cider beverages (mead was of course not allowed on campus), various medieval tarts and goodies, and a wonderful performance of classical guitar from the time period (of course, the minstrels of the time would have used a harp) but we couldn't secure a harpist. It was a wonderful event, and a couple of the Knights of the Northern Realm showed up in mail armour and practice weaponry, and gave us a brief tutorial on swordplay and were very informative and friendly.

3 cheers for English 380!

Boo for the physics department that refused to challenge our trebuchet with theirs. We would have slaughtered them anyhow, good thing they didn't show up.


PS - nevermind the terrible photo of me...

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