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12/8/2005 3:59 am

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The water main broke in the University residence this morning, then they fixed it, but it later ruptured again (taking down the whole ceiling) and it took 3 guys to open the valve door which was leaking from under it (drenching them in about 8 feet of water)...the whole 1st floor is a write-off, the Sessional Offices, and the common lounge. They have yanked up all the baseboards so it didn't sink into the walls, and they have basically shut the building down.

The City of Edmonton and Fire Dept are here, but we won't have water till about 7-8 tonight and they're mopping up the 3-5cm of water we had immersing the whole floor, everything is drenched, including several damaged computers and electronics. They said about $5000 in damages to just electronics and Conference Services equipment.

Anyhow, I'm kinda stuck in my apt for the afternoon, as they're not letting people out because of the chance of injury...except in dire circumstances like classes etc.

Later, Cromwell's Fire & Flood Restoration were called in as an Emergency Response, as the building had no water or heat and they might have had to transfer us all to the Tower for the night. But, 3 teams were sent in, and the Edmonton Waterworks people, and together they were able to restore service late last night.

The whole 1st floor is damaged, and will need insurance coverage - many furnishings and other equipments were written off, and there is still water in some places...the outside building is a skating rink.

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