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Birthday Party

December 11, 2005:

My birthday party went really well, and I'm a little happier on the whole 30th year thing. I have been a really depressed s.o.b. this past semester and I'm doing much better now that I have developed a community of people who at least recognize who I am, if not hang out occasionally with my roommates and I, so yeah - it went well, and Tracy was up for it too (she actually did a lot of the planning with my roommates) and of course Mom too.

I'm moving out of this apartment style residence into the Tower, should have been yesterday, then should have been today, but doesn't look like it will be for who knows how long. The person with the residency forms seems to not have me as a high priority and has taken the afternoon off today, bugger! I'm a little infuriated with that after being told I'm going today. All my stuff is packed up when I could have used it for a couple more days if I'd known...damn bureaucracy! There are mini-kitchens in each of the Tower lounges, and I will be borrowing my roommate's fridge, and bringing my microwave. *shrugs*. That will make for my Christmas Holiday in Residence all right, though no one will be here - I just cannot stay around Dad.

My History final went well this morning I think, and I'm pretty sure that I'll end up with a B or better in the course, same with English. The crunch to maintain that next semester will be on though, as I'm taking double the courses. I'm pretty tired and hungey now, so I will try and write more as it occurs. The birthday pictures I took turned out pretty well I think. I'm not sure I'll have internet upon initially moving in, it depends on whether or not my financing comes through before January...

I have been tring to play that infernal guitar, but without knowing what notes are which and such, I haven't been able to do much other than a couple riffs in drop d tuning (I have bought the 2 posters tho, one for chords, the other for scales). The BC Rich Warlock has a floating bridge, 24 frets, and 2 humbucker pickups. The amp I have is a Fender Champion 30 DSP, with 2 XLR patchcord inputs, pedal in, headphone out and built in effects like tremolo, flanger, chorus etc. It's actually a cool thing, has a little Fender pedal which switches b/w distortion and not (dunno that term, the pedal is labelled "Equalizer"). Nothing like an actual metal distortion pedal from Boss or anything, but still - came with the amp and works ok. I'm using D'Addario strings, and a heavy Peavy pick with a 20' Peavy XLR patchcable. Currently, the amp is in the shop b/c it keeps cutting out, making this crackling noise and not giving me any thoroughput at all, even tho the red power light is on. I took it to "Lillo's" and they're looking at it for me. I think its just a loose soulder. The guy I borrowed it from said if I can fix it, he will give me a deal on it at the end of term.

I got tickets for the February 4 concert at the Starlight Room for "Sonata Arctica", one of my fave bands. Check em out if you have the chance. It's classified as melodic powermetal and their singer Tony Kakko is great. I can't wait!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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