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12/20/2005 7:16 am

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End of school etc.

Well, everyone minus myself and a really few select others have already left the residences on their way back to wherever they came from, and it is pretty dead artound campus. The last od the exams finish today, so that will get rid of a few more people as well, then this weekend Christmas! Wow...except I'm not doing anything I'd really be all that excited about. My brother from Victoria is not going to be here, and really, its just going to be my Mom, my Dad (whom I fight with all the time), and myself. I'm not looking forward to the experience really.

Funny, I have an internet connection in my new residence here (never paid for it yet) - good thing though...hopefully they don't catch on. I've had an interesting few days...a friends' 18th Birthday turning into a night at Emergency, starightening up my room after moving, loosing $5000 somewhere in "bank land" by depositing a cheque the bank kinda choked on, I'm the richest broke guy around! Hopefully that will change today.

I got a new pedal for my guitar...the "ZOOM G2.1u" - a multi-effects pedal with built in drum kit, USB downloadable effects and over 200 of its own. Including the "Metal" distortion on what they call "insane" mode. Just what I needed! Way to much for me haha....I suck, but I'm trying. I have a BC Rich Warlock...the same guitar used by Slayer. I think eventually, i'll get a Randall Amp and a Boss Metal pedal...when I get more than 3 chords down in drop d tuning.

I have been thinking of a Calgary trip for a couple of days...some people to meet and such so tentatively, I will be down there for the rest of the week (December 20-23). If you are so inclined, live in Calgary and would like to meet on 17th or something for coffee, please write to me on AdultFriendFinder and we will set something up.

Merry christmas all!

Dunno when my next entry will be...


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