University asignment  

ILhotasscpl 54M/31F
6/21/2005 3:29 am
University asignment

i was sent to take pictures of a basketball game between our college and a rival college. i showed up about 7pm, just b4 the game started. went and took pictures of our team before they hit the court. as i was leaving i ran into this hot black guy named marcus. we talked for bit, he told me i looked hot, ( was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a see thru top). He said he hasn't seem me there before, so i told him i was there an assignment for my university news paper. we talked a bit more and he said he wanted to see what was under my clothes, so i told him only if i get to see your cock and take pictures of it. He said cool so he lead me out to the football field, just then it started to rain a little. he gladly pulled down his pants and showed me the biggest cock i have ever seen. it was so big and black i felt weak in the knees just looking at it. I took a few pictures, then flashed him my tits and pussy. i reached for him wanting that cock, so I started to jerk him off, feeling that big black cock in my hand made my pussy so wet i wanted him bad, thats when he shot his first load, of many. he must of came 5 times with me just jerking him off. he grab me and started to feel me up and down, playin with my tits sucking them, pinching my nipples and rubbing my pussy, telling me i was sooooo wet and that he wanted more. So being the good college slut i am, i dropped down to my knees and took his huge black cock right in my mouth sucking the head and giving him a blow job to remember. i was sucking that big cock for all it was worth, licking the head of that great black cock, feeling it hit the back of my mouth as he shoved my head down harder on it, moaning, telling me more,please suck his cock more, i was really going at it,waiting for the 6th load when a security guard caught us, he seem me on my knees sucking marcus's black cock off, he watched for a little b4 telling us we couldn't be out there, so that ended the fun, but i have pictures, that i look at when i play with my pussy thinking about him every chance i get.....Oh yea, i do have pictures...yummyyyy

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