Real women getting taken over by fake ones.  

ILearnQuik 44M
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8/2/2006 8:26 am
Real women getting taken over by fake ones.

Perusing the 'new photo gallery' today and the first two women I click on, have *exactly* the same profile text, with only a few other details changed.
Clicked on a few more (like the age 40 that looked 21, or the age 25 that looks 45), and those have super generic "I like walks on the beach" kinda descriptions and a whole lotta "Prefer not to say" in the details section.

Beginning to think that being a standard memeber or contacting one is pointless. If most of them are now 'fake' (to what end, I can't imagine), then silver/gold is probably legit. Problem is, very few silvers/golds even exist around here.

*sigh*. Got a few weeks left before my silver runs out, dunno if I'll renew or not.

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