Sex is Amazing  

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11/11/2005 6:07 am

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Sex is Amazing

I'm a 23 yr old girl who has the same insecurities as most girls on this page. I slept with 3 people before my boyfriend. I never really thought of my labia as being different until my boyfriend of 2 years said to me "you have the pussy of a porn star" I wasn't sure how to take that. And then he said "I bet it wasn't like that when you were a virgin." But the truth is, yes it was like that when I was a virgin. I see no change from then to now.

I think men think you are a slut if you have a large labia, when that has nothing to do with it. Men really need to realize that it doesn't mean we have slept with a lot of people. And to all you girls afraid to have sex. Don't be! Sex is amazing. Tell the guys to take it or leave it. Accept who you are and you will find a guy who will love everything about you. And I'm happy to see plenty of men find it irresistible

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