Orgasms Come and Go Like a Tidal Change  

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11/11/2005 6:02 am

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Orgasms Come and Go Like a Tidal Change

It is by far one of the most sensual and lasting memories for myself...the kiss given and taken slowly. The ideal passionate kiss for me involves settling down to candlelight, extra soft textures and a very, very slight smell of a cologne or perfume (or the candles). The graceful touch and smoothness of our lips connecting makes the kiss register with my intellect and appreciation of our sexuality. But the real kicker for me, is when our breathing is slowed to a surreally slow pace and the exchange of her breath and mine tells my soul that the world is ok and that I'm with my lover and soul-mate. The kiss and the breathing lingers for days afterwards. Orgasms come and go like a tidal change, but the real power, or gravity, which creates the tides is from the relationship of two bodies interacting as they live and breath. Kissing is really a great way share intimacy.

Note breathing is a very big part of the kiss for me and the only way I felt comfortable with it was knowing (and trusting my wife to tell me otherwise), that I did not have bad breath. I have worked out a routine to make sure that my breath is fresh by taking good care of the mouth, tongue and other aspects related to good breath, such as diet and hydration. Fresh breath makes other parts of the body seem fresh as well for both of us.

Take a slow deep breath and relax before kissing. Keep it relaxed while kissing and let it last as long as possible.

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