Ohh i feel in HEAVEN  

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11/10/2005 8:28 am

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Ohh i feel in HEAVEN

I’ve read so many great, really sexy contributions on how to keep your girl going with lips and tongues... and the occasional digit or two. I think part of the joy is keeping the dance going, holding off on the finale as long as she can stand to, and for that, she might just need some help.

I like to make it last, to linger on the fringes, dive in, then pull back. I know I’m doing my job when, at least earlier on, she says, "oh no... don’t stop" because she wants to keep cooking, notices my leaving, but knows I’m not going too far away. Keeping the pace changing, the kinds of touch, the positioning and approach... it’s all good. She likes finger play sometimes, she loves nose play every once in a while, nibbles on her thighs, or a long time out to kiss the sides of her breasts, and some tender pulling and sucking on her nipples, before slowly making my way back down.

But no one thus far has mentioned what I think is the sexiest interruption... when she’s hot, when she can hardly hold still enough for me to hang in tightly, I like to rise up, move over her, and then slip inside her. Maybe I just hold my cock in there, still... or maybe I go in shallow for just a while... and then again, maybe I really move her hard and fast, but not for a long time. (I might even just spend time rubbing my soft underside against her pearl... or even getting her to handle me that way) And then, pull out slowly ("oh no, stay inside me, please...) and journey back down, my tongue all wet for some long strokes, or gentle taps on the tip of her clit. She cools down and heats up again fast, and we do it some more. When I’m in a mood to do this, I might slip inside her two or three times before letting her climax. On occasion I come inside her during one of these breaks, which really drives her crazy when I return to sucking her. The last time that happened I sucked her long enough that I got hard all over again, and once she’d taken that gleeful, running jump off the cliff, I was able to, as one of the women below wrote, fuck her stupid (my girl would never use just that phrase... but it’s what she wants). When she’s had a terrific climax she wants me deeply, hard, and for a long time, oftentimes as she’s face down on the bed. Having drained myself once, I can go along time pleasing her this way before we’re both exhausted.

So, as you’re helping her, and helping yourself, getting your face wet with her yummy sauce, think about giving her a time out with a good stiff round or two as a way extending the loving play.

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