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11/10/2005 8:43 am

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I only see my lover once every other month or so because we live 900 miles apart. We chat every evening via IM and it is wonderful but nothing compares to actually being with him. His tongue - Oh his tongue - is just magical. He teases me via IM all the time, telling me what he wants to do with his tongue and oh that turns me on and I find my clit hard and throbbing and my pussy so wet.

He licks and kisses and nibbles his way up my legs until he is lying between them. When we're not together just the image I have in my mind seeing his head between my legs gets me all hot and bothered!

I want so desperately to have a mirror next time we're together so I can see what on earth he is doing to me. He starts out by gently licking and kissing my pussy lips. I can just barely feel his mouth and tongue and lips but oh my god it is so good ....

He next proceeds to just barely touch my clit with his tongue and that sends my hips pounding against his face. He is persistent - he alternates between feathery touches with his tongue to sucking my clit like it's a cock ... then when he takes a finger and starts to fuck my cunt - this is usually when I start to gush into his mouth and I hear him moan with pleasure - his tongue and lips continue assaulting my clit and pussy then when he starts to finger fuck my asshole it is like nothing I've ever experienced. He is relentless - I know he'd be content to eat me literally for hours - and I continue to come, filling his mouth with my hottt jizz - over and over again....

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