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11/10/2005 9:46 am

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Somehow when I saw the subject I kept seeing someone yelling "sit, down, come here" to a poor little clit. Then if one is having trouble with a lover, going to the yellow pages and finding a clit trainer.

Personally I like it when a woman I am with tells me what she likes or doesn't like. I usually am able to tell pretty well if my lover likes what I am doing, or what adjustments I need to make. Usually ones breathing, muscle tension, and a "yes yes right there," or a "slower," "faster" also helps. Personally I like it when a woman takes a long time to come as there isn't anything that tastes much better than another woman.

What I can't stand is when a woman "camps out" in one spot on the clit and then doesn't listen to what I am saying! There is a lot to pay attention to in that area than just a clit.

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