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There's nothing I like better than a session of good oral sex with my other half. If we have the time to indulge in the preparations, I first like to talk her into letting me give her a shave or a good trim. Then I go run a good hot tub of water and use bath salts or bubble bath and get her to let me give her a bath. It has a good erotic effect on both of us. After drying her off, I like to give her a good body massage, using oil. Between the bubble bath and the massage I get her really relaxed.

I then like to start some foreplay and start kissing her around the ears and neck. I progress down to kissing all around her breast, over the top, underneath, in the valley between her breast, and finally start kissing and sucking the nipples. I slowly work down from her breast, kissing all of the body to her stomach. I then turn her over and start kissing around her neck again and work down to her waist again. By taking my time, I usually have goose-bumps standing up all over her. I love to move down to her legs and ankles. I start kissing up her legs and by the time I get to her clit and labia she is well lubricated and ready for me to kiss and play with her.

After playing a while I like to start sucking on her labia and move up to her clit. Man, when she goes off, it makes me feel 10ft tall just knowing that I did that to and for her. It is well worth running the risk of getting a cauliflower ear to have the pleasure of enjoying oral sex with her and knowing I cause her to have this kind of enjoyment.

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