You bet your ass I lie to her (On Truth) (updated)  

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10/8/2005 6:58 pm

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You bet your ass I lie to her (On Truth) (updated)

I had thot to compose a note in which; I would prove some point about how sweet a guy I was by remarking on many of my wife’s proclivities, and how, thru kindness my sweet lil lies some how proved how much I loved her--and my ends wld b served. Upon refection, I realize that it wld require too much betrayal of what Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting” referred to as TRUE intimacy. That is to say it’s easy to love one perfect, quite another to love one, not only in spite of their faults, but indeed because of them! I divulge too much already. Love is not only blind, but chooses to be mute. I hope there are those that can at least appreciate the spirit of the gesture!

Here’s something like what I had in mind, it’s NOT a lie, very apparent if U know her, and one that made ALL my sisters melt into a collective “aww” when I revealed and demonstrated one holiday afternoon around the kitchen table.
My wife was a miracle baby that survived cancer surgery at a tender age, (the missing ribs, and overdoses of 50’s med radiation); fortunately this has manifested itself in her latter year w/ certain structural problems, one being that her head & neck permanently tilt at an angle to one side. As I had for decades, and reiterated on the occasion described, I happened upon my sisters and wife discussing her self-same ailments. Coming up from behind, I bend down to hold her by the shoulders and said “ya know one good thing about the way her neck is?” my wife held a calm face, but drew a breath…preparing, one sister’s eyes widened, and gasped, expecting something cruel. I smiled at her and continued “I can, (and did) plant sweet kisses” from her nape to her shoulder & as she giggled girlishly, added, “And there’s not a thing she can do about”–indeed she never avoids it. The group cooing received did wonders for my heart and ego!
Pretty darn sweet thing too say, huh, 4-me even more so cuz it comes so easily–and it IS the truth!

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