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10/8/2005 9:16 pm

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Someone commented; (Of ME) what a glutton for punishment, after reading this blog. Girlfriend, don’t I know it! But, interestingly enough, I think I know why (not new ideas to me). Somehow it’s my way of righting a wrong–follow.
My father, was the Henry the eighth of Donora, PA, kept having daughters and blamed it on our mother. By the time I came around. He had totally trashed his family, beyond redemption. Something I have drummed into my head, all my life–he was an indigent drunken beater, so insecure it’s a wonder his dick didn’t fall off. But, I never actually knew him, & he is dead now–I can only speculate on his feelings and torments of his life. One thing (to me) seems absolutely clear; He didn’t REALLY like women, and (this makes me weep), couldn’t EVEN love his own daughters–beat them for NOT being BOYS... I WOULD CUT OFF MY RING FINGER FOR HIS FAM OF SIX, OR ONE!! But we don’t, and we can’t, and it was not meant to be Cherrie 
I’ll tell ya one thing though, I Love MY GIRLS. Cynics yell “BULLSHIT”, NOW! BYE! --All others–heed.
This wld seem to be why much of my energy is spent TRYING to be as kind and charming, as I can to ALL women in my life. Think about my work, patient & helpful to little ol ladies w/ “Just ONE more thing?”, “if I don’t mind!” Women who are about to have their homes disrupted by contractors, I salute you! A client once told me “these guys think I’m a BITCH, just because (paraphrase), I want input into what I’M PAYING for” I advised her take IT on, and it was a BLAST, as we watched the guilty subs hop-to & do their job right & quick–JUST to stay the hell outta her way; my sisters have daughters of their own now, BOTH say I’m easy to talk to, and insightful. And certainly not least is the fact that partings with the women that I’ve have been intimate, has USALLY been amicable, many would have dinner with me “Tonight”–and few, might quite possibly make me BREAKFEST! Tee Hee.
So, there it is MY behavior is based on some neurotic need to end a cycle of dysfunctionality, and heal an ancestral wound. For the most part, it works, I make a lot of women happy, THAT gives me peace of mind, and that’s all anyone hopes for. Perhaps this is not my fault, responsibility, or even practical that I try–but, that’s nobodies call, except mine. Over the years I have endured my share of being used, taken for granted and heartbroken (no good deed…–Glutton for Punishment? OR, Willingness to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for a cause. Ur CALL, but I know there are worse ways for a man to be!

okyme 52F

10/9/2005 3:28 pm

WOW thats deep, but I can see your stoping the cycle of dysfunctionality good for you . Besides making women happy is a good thing......A really good thing

rm_mojomike 50M
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10/9/2005 5:58 pm

I salute you, I have found in my life that raw truth, with a good dosage of self review, works towards your long term longevity. Now apply the kindness that you know you have, share it with others, share the benefits of your discoveries. Peace and happiness will come.

Some of the benefits of your growth ( we never stop ) is that you are adding to your life. you have no doubt, seen the positie effects of your actions.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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10/11/2005 12:07 am

I think that seeing your father for what he couldn't be turned you into something he wished he could have been........thats really great.


10/12/2005 6:49 pm

One minute plz, did you mean DEEP as in profound, or as in fertilizer, wait, don’t answer that–It’s ALL B.S. After we climbed down from the trees & stopped picking fleas from one another, ALL IS VANITY! It IS expressly understood that this in NO way excuses my womanizing, (another legacy of “dear ol Dad’s” I’m working thru!) but I’m still ahead–I don’t DO terrible things to MY wife in between Lovers, an now, I write blogs. LOL

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