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9/11/2005 7:20 am

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The Pellet Bar? Com

Did U know?
If one conditions a mouse to push a bar to get a pellet of food–it will do so ONLY when hungry, Never more, never less!
If then the delivery of pellet is made completely random–regardless of the mouse's efforts, one would think then, the subject would grow wary of the bar, not bother touching it and simply wait for the pellet to drop.
Quite the contrary is true; the poor hapless creature will hammer away at the bar, to the exclusion of all else, when the food finally does come–it is greedily consumed, and the aberrant activity is quickly resumed. It will stuff itself to death if you let it, or the last act of the starved--will be; TO PUSH THE DAMN BAR!
Conclusion: Infrequent reward increases (NOT decreases) objective based behavior!


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