Is this erotic e-mail or just ero-literature?  

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10/1/2005 4:48 pm

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Is this erotic e-mail or just ero-literature?

With nothing better to one night I wrote an e-mail to one of my net group (1of 3 singles, ugh). Her profile stated that she was interested in erotic e-mail–thot I’d give it a whirl, it’s not really my thing, being much too time consuming givin my initial intention for this site, but what the hell! I think I can write. I do always. Something, haiku, songs, prose, essays, letters (to myself & others) baring my soul. But, she never got back, so I offer it for open scrutiny.

I hadn’t considered that my words might be to some, aphrodisiac. What a concept; somewhere a young women’s breath quickened at the sight my name in her posts. The titles might be different but always indicate “you’ve got Male In Your BOX” with instigative, almost animal reflex she would confirm her relative solitude by momentarily monitoring the activity of her home/office, before refocusing her attention on her lurid prize. In a fluid motion she would arrange herself artfully, making she and the chair, one--sliding, draping, spreading, and settling into her practiced ritual of self-satisfaction!
As her eye recaptured the screen, her ears alert for the slightest sound of approach–eager fingers would fumble past multiple waist bands of garments that minutes earlier were not recognized to be impediments. But still, not removed lest she be discovered in such a compromising position–the notion of the deception and risk excites her all the more! Insisting its way by, the hand would gopher deeper beneath her clothes, with direct aim between her accommodating legs. Roughly cupping mons, and labia already swelling in anticipation, an almost involuntarily grope juices her pouting pussy. With some effort she tones down the cathartic “uumph” as her twat pulses! Regaining her composure, a single digit would find the top of her slit and deliberately plow thru the soft matt of hair–uncovering her aching clit that had been cocooned from the world and its intended use.
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funwithyou6022 56F

10/1/2005 6:53 pm

Welllllll? What happens next? Do tell

WetPanties4U4 31F

10/1/2005 8:23 pm

The high diction (fancy words) makes it sound goofy. Keep it simple, stud.

okyme 52F

10/1/2005 8:47 pm

agree with wet...whats up with twat?? lol but other then that I`m loving it. Write as if you were talking nasty to someone fACE TO FACE


10/1/2005 11:55 pm

OK so that's one NO for use of the word TWAT! LOL (just trying not to use the same name twice in a paragraph), no offence!
I do actually speak like this & this well, folks don't expect it from a contractor, although I can't help but agree it's out of place for the genera (oops, doing it again). Besides I’m wed to a prof. writer she never lets me out of the house w/ my participles dangling!
And its better; first person, more I, & you, & me, THAN third w/ all the he, she, they?

Well I’ll get “write” on this and get back ASAHP
THX, so much, thrilled to meet ya all

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