I not trying to brag here, but  

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9/18/2005 6:44 pm

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I not trying to brag here, but

I have two women in my life NOW!
Different, like night & day but, so much the same. Not better, just different, please don’t ask me which should not know love.
One I knew I would grow old with, before the vows--the Other; well let’s just say “if I were not moved by the circumstances of her tragic young life…I should be a dead man–have my heart cut out!
One held the promise of MY family (but was not meant to be)--the Other holds a baby NOW, I would chew glass to call my own!
One can love me too much (suffocating)–the Other in her own way loves me, but, I believe is incapable of the emotion!
One has a diminishing interest in sex–the other is a sex addict, beiges w/ other men, and only affords me unencumbered views of her form and occasionally begs to cum!
One stands fast on the rock beside me–the other frequently throws Molotov cocktails at the span between us, but knows it is fireproof–and keeps crossing back.
One I tell I will never say good bye–the Other (though I’ve tried many times) will not hear the words, I am a home–when she returns, I can’t push her away.

BOTH: -Are an only child (daddy look at me) I have perpetuated the spoiling.
-Are in constant pain from childhood afflictions/ trauma (1 physical/ 1 emotional)
-Over/under medicate themselves than demand my undivided attention for their barley coherent and inarguable words.
-Sweetly expire with ecstasy in my arms, but are selfish lovers and frequently leave me holding my BLUE BALLS!
-Are loved dearly by me, but when speaking with distain about the other, I am shredded–and feel I am being punished for my good heart!

Is it still a mystery why I’m seeking some spontaneous, uncomplicated humans?-- generous enough to bestow some moments of mindless, breathless, abandon. Someone to watch over ME; for those few brief seconds, that I too might be allowed to…die*.

(*Note to fatal attractors: NONE of this is Literal!!)

okyme 52F

10/1/2005 8:55 pm

I truely enjoy what you write.....but damn man talk about glutton for punishment

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