Cheap therapy, Cures masturbation  

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10/14/2005 9:07 pm

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Cheap therapy, Cures masturbation

With a gold membership, I figure to be just over $5 a week for me to spill my guts to this electronic shrink (like the best, say little), I have got allot of self definition done. It is one thing to say one knows thy self, and quite another to set-down (one hopes), in clear terms that another might understand the same, (in THE exact spirit, Tricky!). (Not SO much HERE…YET, but), In my life, I have found that MY carefully crafting words for maximum effect, annoys many folks, who entirely fail to get the point–and worse yet, develop notions of their own, based on what they EXPECT. I have known people who habitually LIE, when the TRUTH wld have done. It’s a sad fact that MANY folks feel, that others do the same. However, I have found it to be allot more FUN, to speak truthfully–an watch the “non-believers” twist and turn, trying to prove “Otherwise”! Cynicism or hope will tip the scales, as the reader sees fit,--it’s no longer up to ME!

I set into motion, an eventuality, the out-come of which, I don’t profess to realize–but, brave the adventure!

It should also be noted; that in something like a month and a half. I haven’t pounded the hound, or EVEN missed it. Granted I have attended my wife’s weekly sexual rituals (AND things tend to be spicier when I’m UP-TO something!), we’ve been thru 2 hurricanes (always good for hot action), (the MIS? Another tale)–I’ve gotten PLENTY, but that’s never stopped me in the past, from “topping off the tank”. Perhaps I’m storing up energy or I’ve just gone from physically to mentally jacking off, and I don’t have a great need to type one handed. LOL!

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