you know...  

IAmSynn 45M
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5/18/2006 4:58 pm

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5/19/2006 3:47 am

you know...

- you need a new job when half your day is spent visualizing your hands strangling people.

- you need to get laid when the hormones are leaking your nose

- you need to follow the instruction that says 'take with food' but you will only realize it after you puke your vitamins back up

- you are in love when their happiness matters more than yours, in a real sense not a psychotically devotional "i'll do anything for you" sense

- that some days the price of being arrogant about your intelligence is having to deal with all the stupid people at the same time

- that you probably shouldn't have knots in your back the size of golfballs

- that your balls (should you posses [posess? poses? bah, wtf... everyone has one fucking word that baffles them no matter how often they look it up] them) dangle in this weather, which can cause problems on shaved legs... like glue, i tell you...

- that most people looking to "just get laid" end up falling in infatuation

- that love is a bitch. or a bastard if you like that better. maybe both since at it's best it is the very essence of balance... love,happiness,security and such balanced by commitment, duty, conflict and stress and so forth

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