yeah, so...  

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5/23/2006 9:14 pm

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yeah, so...

you ever feel like you are too old for this?


interesting how many people still have issues with online dating when it is such a cool thing, and i say that having crap for success here (i still say that's because i am a manta ray in a sea of sharks... cool, but unnoticed amidst the feeding frenzy of penises, lol... just work with me people, it's ok...)

bars? yeah right. laundromat? not anymore. work? not a good plan.

what's left?

the internet. it's like everything else: some people are stupid about it and some aren't, and the stupid people give it a bad name. on the whole, i think it's more of a 'brave new world' then 'decline of western civilization', though to a certain extent you coudl argue tghat it depersonalizes the learning curve... but then the last person i dated i met in realspace and we still talked a lot via email and IM... so how is that so different?

bottom line: online dating = good

but you all knew that i am sure...

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