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I’m going 2 tell a tale of long ago.
When King’s & Knights roamed the land’s 2 protect the weak & keep safe thair kingdomes.While the king & knight’s are out fighting, a troop of barbarians attack the castel & penatrated the walls.The primitively handsome & strong barbaian king haeds strait up 2 the wemons living quarters. Finding first off the Queens ,chambers.
The Queen redding for bed is caught compleatly
disrobed & her long dark brown hair is down & flowing across her satan looking skin.But the Queen is not scared, Instead she turns 2 the
handsome barbaian & smiles as she squeezis her big
round tit’s 2-gather,pinching her nippels. The
barbaian King seeing this emeditly drops his weapons,He walkes up 2 the queen & grabs her by her hair.” A,good christian wife & queen would not act in such a manor.So their 4 you must B a harlot & a whore and so shall B treated like 1 .‘ Still holding her hair he sits down after makeing her remove his garments,Then tells hiswhore 2 suck his dick & she had better do it right or he’ll shove it down her throught & gag her with it. The Queen being eger 2 please her captor begins licking & sucking at his balls while he pinches her nippels in his fingers till she squeels in pain.(or is it pleasure?) He then sais ‘Tam not interested in haveing my balls washed, I said suck my dick & I mean NOW!” And useing both hands he shoves
his hard cock in 2 her mouth. But instead of chocking she hungerly takes it’s intire length in 2 her mouth,sucking & moaning as she devours his manhood in 2 the back of her throut. And every time she repeats this action she take’s it just as deep, slowly moveing up & down the length of his
enormus shaft, sucking hungerly at it.
The King is VERY much enjoying the way this whore is sucking him, But then remembers that she is a Queen & in no way should she B acting in this fashion. This enrages him. Grabbing her & throwing her face down on the canopy bed & starts 2 tie her hands & 2 the 4 posters of the bed. This only makes the Queen moan louder, Then she starts begging him 2 let her suck his dick again. She promises 2 do it better 4 him this time.Not wanting 2 give in but unable 2 resist the feel of her hot wet mouth, her soft pouting lip’s as
thay hungerly wrap around his throbbing cock He
quickly unties her hands & makes her roll over & hang her head off the edge of the bed.
He leans 4-word & lowers his shaft in-2 her mouth,
while squeezing & kneeding at her giant tit’s. He
reaches down 2 her pussy & her leg’s spread wide 4
him, once his fingers touch her pussy she let’s out a long low moan.He is outraged at how wet her pussy is, It’s so wet it’s running down & lubbing her asshole. D-sideing that in no way could she B a good christian Queen or a loyal wife he pulls his dick from her mouth, turns her around & makes her lay face down & put her ass up real high 4 him. Her asshole is already wet from her pussy
juices running down & he ruffly rams his cock in-2 her asshole. He smiles as he hears her scream but his smile soon fades when he realizes thair screams of pleasure & extasy.He starts slamming his cock in-2 her ass harder & harder & is angerd at his inability 2 hurt her. He starts slapping her ass with his hand makeing it red & tender, But still she screams & beg’s 4 more. His rage turns 2 excitement as he realizes what a wonderos treasure he has found. A whore 2 & treat as he wished. That would commit ANY sexual act he desired at any moment he wanted. Total & compleat sexual extasy.
With that thought he explodes in her ass, makeing him scream as his body spasms with the most intence orgasom he’s ever had in his life.
The Barbarian King takes over the castel & all it’s land’s & riches including the most important of all HIS new Queen. Who is now ever faithful 2 her very fuilfilling King. And when he’s out at war thair is always the beautiful laidies in waiting 2 keep her pussy hot & wet 4 when her King returns.
But that is another story.

ByteChaser2 52M

6/9/2005 7:20 am

Hot! Medieval! Makes me want to slay a dragon and rescue the maiden.


eviltwin2525 58M
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9/13/2005 1:31 am

I *am* that barbarian king. Yield, wench!

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