Do they or not?  

Hunter_and_Prey 63M/46F
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8/26/2005 5:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do they or not?

Well I've been told that Vampires only exsit in fiction......I say prove it......can u prove to me that vampires don't exsit. All I have to say (and I've said it since grade 9 when I did an essay on the subject) the world is a snarling pack of energy, emotion, life sucking vampires.
There is a beast that resides inside each and everyone of us. It is hungry and needs to feed.
So I challenge you the viewer/reader...prove to me that the beast I call a vampire does not exsist.

Tejinashi 45M

8/30/2005 1:10 am

Now, that would entirely depend on your defanition of a vampire wouldn't it ?

I've seen too many weird things over the years to deny some of it - but the fictional turn into a bat/ live forever/ look AWESOME in black/ listen to moody music people don't actually exist.

Ok, I do meet the requirements on some of those (according to some I even have the natural teeth for it....those who know me can speak on that one). Remember as well if you will - there are conditions that can create extreme allergic reaction to the sunlight and cause the body to not produce enough blood on it's own. Combine those two with middle ages paranoia and superstition and what do you get ?

Unfortuantely 'Prey' the very nature of such beasts means it is impossible to determine one way or the other whether or not they do exist. Do you think they would want it any other way <insert eveil chuckle here> ?

I completely agree their is a beast inside everyone. To deny it's existance is dangerous - to embrace and revel in it even worse. We all have our dark sides, and human nature must (imho) come to grips with it's violent, illogical side. We as a whole race need to move on and start trying to be the enlightened individuals that is deep within all of us.


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