A Rainy Night in Winston-Salem  

HunterMoon7 52M
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5/7/2006 10:29 pm

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A Rainy Night in Winston-Salem

Well, here I am rolling into Winston-Salem, NC again ... it has been about 13 years or so since my last visit.

The skyline looks similar ... but it is raining. It gives this Triad city a soft blue filter, a veil from between the worlds, blurring the edges of both the buildings ... and of the society that erected them. A soft blue filter that makes everything look more quaint, and more ... safe ... even if it is not.

Still, it is just after midnight, and I'm not sure I want to venture alone into the park just off 25th street near Hwy 52. Sure, I took martial arts for years ... but I don't go looking for trouble either.

Yet, the trees in their green wet overcloaks, wrap the fog around themselves like a scarf ... and beckon me to come out and play in the rain. Will I go? Will I find unity with nature? Or will I find human nature ... in all of its base disunity.

Or, will I meet the wild hunt?

It bothers me too, that my ex-wife is only a few miles away in Kernersville. There she raised our children as fundamental Baptists ... and never let me, a practising Pagan, visit. (A Jocular Pun follows, with a serious core) Was I the only Hell she ever raised? Did she take me to Sin ... or to Save? My children are grown and off at college. Do I drive past the house and stare at the imagined ghosts of my kids ... this is the perfect rainy night for it ... or do I banish the Nunnish Hag ... and lay waste to her memory (and perhaps theirs) for the last time?

It rains.
The earth breathes.

Why can some people not see the might and majesty of our earth? Why must creation be a gift from the Christian God, and not from our Goddess? Can you not smell the wind after a rainstorm? Can you feel the hairs raise upon your arms, and dance upon your head? Can you feel the magick at all? Do you want to dance under the moon with wild abandon ... feeling the chill spring raindrops slamming against your naked skin?

The veil drifts slowly.
Dawn comes.
Magick fades.

I rise to face my new work challenges ... yet, with a subtle salty flavor still heavy upon my tongue.


mm0206 69F
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5/7/2006 10:55 pm

tender hugs...

Life is still good


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