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One day, the lord spoke to adam: ive got some good news and bad news for you, Adam looked atthe lord and replied, well give me the good news first.

Smiling the lord explained, ive got two organs for you. One is called a brain, and it will allow to create new things, solve problems and have the inteligent conversations with Eve..

The other organ i have for you is called a penis, it will give you great physical pleasure, and allow you to reproduce your now inteligent life form and populate this planet. Eve will be very happy, that you now have this organ to give her children.

Adam very excited exclaimed, these are great gifts, you have given me. what could possibly be the bad news after such great tidings?

The Lord looked upon Adam, and said with great sorrow: You'll never be able to use them both at the same time

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9/9/2006 5:53 am

good one

Thought I would stop over and say hi.

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Which just proves that they left all the important stuff outa the bible LMAO

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