Kabalarian Philosophy...  

HunkyHasan 51M
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6/23/2006 3:35 pm

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6/24/2006 4:27 am

Kabalarian Philosophy...

Just a couple of thought for the day ...

1. Never make a promise that you cannot, or do not, intend to carry out; thus will you always speak truth. Align yourself always upon the side of justice, truth, and honesty. Do not meet others upon the plane of anger, wrongdoing, or thoughtlessness. Always use the power of analysis, particularly when in doubt. Never attempt to alibi that which you know is wrong. Keep your mind always upon a constructive plane of thinking. Remember, your sins will always find you out.

2. Create a refined and individual personality, a happy and generous one. Develop clean and tidy habits, body cleanliness, and a clean mind. Be conservative, yet creative in your dress. Avoid showiness in dress and loudness in speech. Make others want to pattern themselves after you: that is a well-deserved compliment.

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