Spontaneous Hotel Adventure  

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8/3/2005 6:19 am

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Spontaneous Hotel Adventure

We made a mad dash across the street, leaving out cars in the restaurant parking lot. Checking into the hotel was quick as you had already made all of the arrangements meeting for drinks and dinner. Simply pick up the key, pat me on the ass and steer me towards the tiny elevator. The door is not even shut but you are all over me: kissing, touching, pressing me against the wall…I feel your erection and begin to massage your cock through your jeans. The ride to the 6th floor isn’t long enough for either of us.

The elevator door opens and we find our room. We go inside and with just the exterior lights illuminating the room, you press me up against the door and strip me of my little black dress. I’m standing there wearing only a silk thong and black lace bra and heels when you pin my wrists to the door and we begin to kiss passionately, totally focused on this act alone for the longest time-it feels so good when you bury your face into my hair or neck and tell me how long you have waited for this night. I’m on another plane, truly in the moment.

You set me loose to begin unbuttoning your shirt, slowly, as we continue to kiss and touch. Your body is perfect to me, fit from hours on the tennis court and some jogging. I bring my hands around through your shirt and run my fingertip along your spine and tell you how much I want you, have wanted you since the day we sat next to one another on the airplane to Boston.

You take me by the hand and without a word, lead me to the bed. You have me sit on the edge of the bed and tell me that you want to step back and admire me for a few moments. This makes me self-conscious but I am delighted that you find me so desirable. “You have a body made for sex, honey.” These are your only words before you approach me giving me the opportunity to unfasten your belt, then the button, finally unzipping your pants, dropping them to the floor and setting you free. You are only wearing an unbuttoned shirt and I motion for you to join me on the bed.

I roll over onto my side and my big full breasts nearly pour out of my bra. You tell me that you are positively obsessed with my tits and have been waiting for the longest time to pleasure them with your hands, lips and tongue. You unhook the front of my bra and don’t even bother to fully remove my bra ‒ you simply cradle my tits in your wonderful hands and begin fondling, licking, and sucking. I push them together and tell you to suck harder ~ oh, I’ve been fantasizing about this experience for the longest time!

You roll over on your back and pull me up on top of you. I feel your beautiful cock pressed up against my silk panties. The heat of our bodies has drenched my panties but I don’t want to rush this special evening. You tell me to sit up and play with my tits so that you can recline and enjoy the show, arching your hips into mine, growing even bigger and stiffer beneath me.

I lean forward and begin to kiss your face, neck, ears, moving down to your chest. I tentatively lick your nipples seeking approval to begin sucking on them. You moan with approval so I tease between them before sliding down between your legs.

I move down to your strong legs, tracing your inner thighs with my tongue, long sweet licks inhaling your musky scent of your manhood. You beg me to stroke you but I’m saving that for later. When we had phone sex I recall that you told me that you would love for me to take my time and your wish is my pleasure. I move my lips around your swollen balls, licking them, kissing them, sucking on them. Your passion rises and I sense that your hardness is pulsing with desire. It’s my turn to pull back and admire you and for a moment I wish that we were capturing our pleasure on video tape.

I see that you are ready to be taken. I wrap my fingers solidly around the base of your cock and begin rubbing the head of your cock all over my beautiful lips. I tell you that it would excite me even more if you watched me pleasure you ‒ you can barely speak. I lick and suck the head, then move down the stiff shaft taking in as much as I can. You’re so much bigger than I imagined and that excites me. This is getting more intense for both of us ‒ I can feel your thigh muscles contract as I get lost in the moment, alternating between gentleness and unleashed passion…lips, tongue, my precise touch exceeding your earlier expectations.

You say that you must use your mouth on my sex so I reposition my body so that you are able to bury yourself into my wet panties. You pull aside the wet silk and begin tonguing me, long rich licks that leave me dripping all over your mouth, chin, neck. We just keep at it ‒ the pleasure is enormous. I can feel your cum rising and I demand that I must have you inside of me. I want your hot hardness in deep and I know that it won’t take much for either of us to cum. My wish is your desire. “How do you want it, baby?” you ask.

With purpose, I remove my panties and toss them at you. You inhale my scent and tell me that these are going home with you. I position myself on my hands and knees, offering up my lovely round ass to you, spread my legs and tell you to take your time, be sure to watch your perfect cock taking me for the first time. You kneel behind me, grab the base of your cock, place one hand on my ass, and begin to tease my swollen, wet pussy lips with the mushroom head. Oh, it feels so good and I shudder to think of how that’s going to feel when you work it in.

You work it in, slowly, in and out, finally giving me a good hard shove, driving it in. You describe in great detail how your going to give it to me, how you have a huge load of cum that you’ve been saving just for me for tonight. How it was stirring in your balls as you were feeling me up at the restaurant tonight. Am I ready for it? Oh baby, yes yes yes!!! I brace myself to take it all in, you picking up speed, both of us screaming with pleasure ‒ my tight wetness and your incredible hot hardness meeting at once. Faster, harder, balls slapping my ass as you pick up speed. I can’t hold back and you tell me to take it all, it’s all for me. Hot juice creaming the inside of my wet pussy, running out of my hot hole, down the back of my thighs. So much for me baby. Oh yes!

We collapse onto the bed together, you still buried inside of me…still hot and throbbing, promising me that there will be many more sessions like this to come. I am so delighted that I encouraged your advances and was open to this mind blowing adventure.

expatbrit49 62M

8/3/2005 7:22 am

phew thats hot..... limping away

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LaserStaffHoary 58M
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8/3/2005 1:13 pm

Baby, Great writng it felt as if it was me sliding up into you.

upstatechaz518 60M

8/4/2005 3:50 am

Nicely written, hopefully we can create another adventure as hot!

WhatsUrPleasur 55M

8/4/2005 7:05 pm

Very few people can write as well as you Ms Hungry, I read every word and couldn't help but wish I was in Geoffrey's place! Thank you for sharing your erotic adventure.

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