Drinks & Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant  

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8/2/2005 7:00 am

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Drinks & Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant

I accepted Geoffrey's dinner invitation for a warm summer night.

I dressed carefully but didn't want to overdo it as we were meeting at a Mexican restaurant, fairly casual. I took a long hot shower, wore my hair loose, put on just a bit of perfume that smells like the great outdoors. I wore a black lace bra, black silk thong, a V-neck short black dress that clung to my curves, and strappy black leather high heels.

I felt sexy and as I drove to the restaurant I let the wind blow through my hair thinking about seeing this sexy man again. I thought about Geoffrey's deep kisses in the Central Parking garage and how much I looked forward to seeing him again, feeling his touch, flirting and seducing him.

When I entered the restaurant, he was waiting for me just inside the front door and looked me up and down and grinned appreciatively. I could tell that he approved of my choice of dress for the evening. He also said "Your perfume smells so damn sexy!"

He suggested that we start with ice cold margaritas in the bar. He took my hand and led me to 2 high bar stools. We ordered our drinks, and he watched me intently as I licked salt from the rim of my glass. I swiveled my stool around and wrapped my legs around his bar stool and leaned forward, put both of my hands on his thighs and planted a deep wet kiss on his lips. He moaned and whispered that I was even more beautiful than he remembered - he had a hard time concentrating on his writing knowing that we were meeting this evening.

We flirted and talked about the phone sex that we had engaged in over the past month. He said that when he thought of me in my office, with my door locked, talking softly into the phone about all of the ways that I wanted to give and receive pleasure with him that it made him crazy for me. I continued to massage his thighs with my hands, rubbing them up and down, telling him how damn sexy he looked to me in his well-worn jeans, button-down shirt opened at the neck with the sleeves rolled up--that kind of look gets to me all the time! The bartender was definitely noticing the chemistry between us and that contributed to our arousal.

Our hostess came over and said that our table was ready. True to form, Geoffrey took care of every detail and had asked for a table in a dark corner of the dining room prior to my arrival. I became excited by the thought of being tucked away in a dark corner with him. He is so sexy and turns me on so much. He is also brilliant and imaginative and I find that incredibly sexy! So much of attraction is about chemistry across so many levels.

Not being terribly hungry for food, I suggested that we simply share a couple of appretizers. Geoffrey agreed, placed our order and immediately turned his attention back to me. He edged his chair closer to mine and whispered that my bare, shapely legs in those strappy leather sandals were making him weak with desire. He touched the edge of my dress, and let his fingers brush the curve inside my thigh. Oh, his hands were powerful and gentle all at the same time. He commanded me to hike up my dress so that he may explore further--I feel myself getting even more aroused than when we were teasing each other at the bar.

The food and next round of drinks arrived quickly. We feed one another, touch, kiss, fondle, tease. Geoffrey takes one of my legs and extends it across his lap so that he can stroke my foot, calf and thigh. His other hand is inching slowly and deliberately up my dress, slightly parting my legs as he massages my legs. I feel juices rush and wet the thin silk of my thong panties. I look at him with desperation - I want him so badly. We leave most of our food untouched.

In an instant, Geoffrey signals to our server that he needs the check immediately and actually takes a quick moment to throw some cash on the table. He grabs me by the hand and tells me we need to go...NOW! I totally understand.

He asks where I am parked and fortunately it's behind the restaurant. We run out to my car and he presses me against the back of the trunk. He tells me that he wants to relive that first scene at the airport, the first time he kissed me, ran his hands up the back of my skirt, pressed his body up against mine. I am ready for him.

I lean back, taking him all in...his mature good looks, his touch, his confidence, his kiss. I am lost in the moment even though it's still dusk, the sun in about to set. Just then, a carload of college kids drives by and cheers him on. I realize that I have wrapped one of my shapely legs around his with my pelvis pressing against his thigh, his hands have my dress hiked up around my hips, and that he is pumping up against me while he's madly kissing me. We both laugh and he tells me that he's already booked a room for us at the hotel across the street.

Would I be interested in continuing this in a more private setting?

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