Bookshop Encounter  

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7/27/2005 8:19 am

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Bookshop Encounter

I spotted you while reading at an outdoor cafe and you couldn't stop making eye contact with me. It was late in the afternoon and although the weather was cool, your stare made me flush. You toasted me with your wine from across the cafe and I lowered my eyes on my reading.

I looked up to see you walk across the street to a small and intimate book store. I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy your eyes were when we connected - your hands looked sensitive and strong and I began to think about what it would be like to follow you and have you take me in a remote corner of the book shop.

I gathered up my courage and walked across the street. As I stood up, I could feel my heart pounding with excitement. Would you be waiting for me to seek you out? I felt an intuitive connection that you wanted me as much as I wanted you.

I strolled into the shop and the owner, a soft-spoken older gentleman asked if I needed assistance. I told him that I was just looking around and would like to explore the shop. I took a deep breath - as I began walking towards the back of the shop I could hear my black high heels clicking on the old wood floor. Even that excited me.

I explored several small connected rooms until I came to the very back of the shop and found you seated in an old wing chair, reading an old volume. You looked up at me and told me that you knew that I would come, you were waiting just for me. I can't place your accent but it's slightly foreign, British or Australian perhaps? It's very appealing along with your handsome good looks.

You put the book down on a side table and motioned for me to sit in your lap. Ah, the pleasure of that first contact. You took one hand and cradled my ass, rubbing my silk skirt and took the other and began running it through my hair. You said that you wanted to look at my green eyes before you took that first kiss. Oh, what a kiss! Deep, strong, insistant--amazing.

The thought of the shopkeeper find us makes me edgy and excited. I nestle deeper into your lap and spread my legs slightly. Wearing lace-top stockings and heels and no panties, you smell my sex and you want even more. You reach down and begin unbuttoning my white silk blouse running your fingertip just inside the cup of my lace bra-that simply touch along the top of my breast makes me moan and you sigh deeply against my neck, kissing and licking as you move along my neck, hair, mouth, earlobes.

We kiss for what seems like hours although it's only a short while but I am weak with desire. You tell me that you have a room in an old hotel a few steps away. I am totally aroused by your looks, your scent, your touch. Would I be interested in spending the afternoon with you there and exploring our mutual desires even further?

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7/27/2005 4:41 pm


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