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4/30/2006 10:07 pm

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Has anyone have or had sex with a relitive?

tackman57 59M  
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5/12/2006 11:48 am

Hi, HungryMan!

I actually had sex with two cousins, both male - one 4 years older, one 1 year younger - when I was a young teen (I'm male & gay). It was during those "sexually curious" years we all go through. My older cousin introduced me to oral sex. It was a real turn on to suck his huge dick (it was huge to me at that time) & his balls. I loved the way his dickhead felt in my mouth against my tounge & roof of my mouth. It was from him I tasted my first precum, lite & salty & delicious. I also learned what sperm was from him when he came. IT was a great experience that I was later glad I had since he was someone who cared about me (I've had friends tell me about horrible first experiences.) My younger cousin & I messed around jacking each other & sucking each other as well. It was this younger cousin that I experienced fucking for the first time. We were playing around & I was sucking him. I was fingering his asshole & turned him over to watch my finger go in & out. It really got me crazy horny so I raised up, lubed up my cock & pressed it against his asshole. My dick slipped in almost all the way. He clenched up tight, which made my pleasure even greater. Well, nature took over & I pumped in & out of him until I buried my cock deep inside & came inside another human for the first time. It was a fantastic feeling. Again, it was a great experience because we both already cared about each other like family. With all that said, I would not have sex with a relative now for any reason. My experiences were simply the experiments of a very young beginners with little understanding of what we were actually doing.


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