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1/15/2006 12:07 pm

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The other day we went shopping for a mobility scooter for my 75yr old mother-in-law. Seeing that elderly people seem to be using these more and more because of the freedom to be able to get around. I was astounded by the price range these scooters go. Understandablely most seniors have some type of insurance that would cover the cost or most of it anyways. Then again their is seniors who fall between the cracks and their insurance wont cover it or their doctors wont give them a prescription to get one. Which is where my mother-in-law falls. Her doctor doesn't feel that she is that bad off to need a mobility scooter all though she can't go on long walks or be up for long hours on her feet. She was finding herself staying home more than getting out because of the inconvenience she felt to call and have someone take her out. She didn't have the finances to purchase one on her own and had pretty much given up hope to be able to purchase one.

So we were off on an adventure to find a scooter for her. We searched the web and found a local dealer and decided to go and look. The prices ranged from $1000 to over $3000. That price of course was the very generic to the most extreme. We decided that the 3wheeled scooters were to clumsy if used for the outdoors. Good for in home use but not for outings. Then of course they all come with a plastic generic seat which would be okay for occasional use but very uncomfortable for all the time use. Then of course if they wish to carry anything you would have to purchase the baskets because they don't come with those either. Then of course you have to figure in the persons weight because depending on the type of scooter they all have weight limits. Then figure in the mileage that they would be able to go without running out of a charge. Then of course finding one that can be easily taken apart for storage and reassembled. So we found out that this wasn't going to be an easy purchase. Especially since the person we were buying one for wasn't there to tell us what she would need or wanted.

We finally found one that we liked and made the seat upgrade to a comfortable cushion one. We found a front and back basket for her to be able to carry her purchases in. We also went with a 4wheeler for better outdoor usage. Then of course she can get 10miles of charge and can go 4mph. All in all we got a really good deal. Seems the more you add to the upgrade the better of a deal they wish to make on the price. Of course their is more to the assembly then we had wished but not difficult.

We took it over to her and because it not being something she had expected she was all tears. She was speechless and full of joy because she had already given up hope of being able to get one for herself. That of course was all the THANK YOU that we needed. Now she can go to the store and do her shopping without feeling like a bother. She has her freedom to roam back now and her spirit is high. Then of course it also helps that she has something to brag about to all her friends.

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1/15/2006 2:10 pm

Oh, guys! How nice of you. There is nothing like being able to surprise your Mom with an "out of the blue" gift, call, letter anything. Reminds them that they are still appreciated and loved. I hope she gets wonderful usage out of it and it lasts her a long time.

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