I'm the dude who gets no sleep...  

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4/22/2006 5:57 pm
I'm the dude who gets no sleep...

Hey everyone, this is my first post, and I am fairly new to xmatch. Now first let me start off by telling you a little about myself. I am 18 years old, originally from North Ridgeville Ohio, until I unfortunately had to go on the run when I was 17 years old because the courts were trying to throw me into jail. FOr what?? FOr underage consumtion of alcohol ( i had a suspended commitment to dys, which is juvenille prision for 1 yr), so I said goodbye, went to st.louis on a greyhound me n one of my dudes, on june 29th of 2005. Stayed for 2 weeks, came back up, and stayed at the La siesta motel in strongsville for a week, then I proceeded to stay at a crackheads house for 2 weeks whom I had worked with.

During that duration of time it had allowed me to find an apartment for myself in Brunswick ohio. I moved in there the end of July, until I got busted in August 29th. During the time I lived there, I had made all new friends, lived a totally secret life and told no one where I was at. I began to sell marijuana in large amounts to help pay my rent and expenses because my funds were dwindling. Eventually the cops caught me this was again on the 29th of august. Busted in one of my windows with guns drawn out on me for a measly ass underage consumtion .

Now, I turned 18 years old in july, but had and still have no adult charges, so they had to take me to the juvenille detention home until i went to court. I stayed there for 2 months until the judge bonded my charges over to the adult system and sentenced me to 6 mo's in the county with zero days time served. So I wound up getting 8 months instead of 6... I did my time and got an early release a month ahead of schedule on St. Pattys day of 2006.

Ever since I have been out I have gotten my g.e.d, a job as a machinist, i kept my apartment up the ENTIRE time that i was locked up ( must tell you something about the cash flow ), paid my car insurance, paid my lawyer and court fines, and eventually my bank went capoot and I had nothing. So now I have a job making 100 dollars a day as a machinist, and I sell weed in large quantaties and make roughly 700 dollars a day with that. The only reason I came on this thing in the first place was just to develop some credit ( since i had just gotten a credit card and was needing to purchase something ). I had expected this to be nothing more than a simple joke, but then I began to realize that there are some beutifull and gorgeous women on here, and that there are some nice people as well.

See personally where I come from, and the way I look, people, girls in general automatically assume that I am an asshole (wich i can be when i drink), and women think since i am only 18 im immature. But I'm really not, I am a nice guy. I love sex and hoes are fun, but a nice relationship would be good ya know... Truth be told I am sick of fucking, litterally fucking hoes everyday of my life, I am sick of the person who I am, I am sick of being on call everyday and serving cities such as North Ridgeville and Brunswick, Elyria, Berea, etc the list goes on.

I get no sleep because of what I do, and the stress that is on my mind. I don't really give a fuck if a cop comes on here and reads this shit because I will just pay my way out of it again... Nothings in my name so they cant re-possess none of my shit. This is the life that I live, a drug dealer at the age of 18, whose parents are still married, WOW, grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth and had and still have everything ive ever wanted, I even have a good job and this is the way I am....

LoL well I hope I didn't bore you guys to death, just thought I'd share a little bit about me, that is if any of you had even read it...
Hit me up ladies if ya want

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