Wow... There's Always Something  

HrdFcknLuvsSckn 42M/35F
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3/20/2006 8:02 pm
Wow... There's Always Something

How do I meet this guy and actually consider beginning a relationship with him without even knowing everything about him? I mean, sure you have to get to know someone over time, but the major things should be discussed in the beginning... children, prior marriages, sexual history/health, drug addictions, mental health problems, GAMBLING! I call my "friend" tonight to see how he is doing, and we start talking about him moving closer to where I live. Then he tells me he has to wait a few months until he pays off some bills, and I'm thinking utility bills. But nooooo... he owes over 2 grand to GAMBLING! He seemed like such a great guy... he is a freak in the bed, has a decent job, sexy, smart, educated... the only thing that was concerning me was if he was a player... but now I find out he has a gambling problem. Sheesh. Does every relationship HAVE to come with a major obstacle to overcome?
So what do you think... should I trust that he can keep his gambling under control (Um... owing 2K though I would say he can't) and see where things go, or should I run the other way?

Where are all the hard working, sexy, smart, funny men that can freak me in the bedroom (and everywhere else) and DOESN'T have some major baggage? I know I have mine... kids and I'm crazy ... but I'm not asking for perfection... just a little less drama. Oy vay.

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