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11/25/2005 12:09 pm

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TALK TO HER,constantly reassure her on a daily basis that you are her refuge and safe place!

Have you heard the statement,Giving her flowers for no reason,well,there is a reason,you are telling her by your actions(if appropriate) that she is in your heart and mind and it is a form of Thankyou to her,for her!

The actions and non verbal communication is as equally as important as the sincere spoken words!
Take action and say or do something on a daily basis to reassure her to help buid her self esteem and remove her fears!

Teach her to trust you by your actions and attitude! Never say or promise her anything that you won't happily work to deliver for her emotional well being or physical pleasure.If you can't deliver,have a Coke & Smile and shut the fuck up!

NURTURE HER, share her interest or at least support and encourage her to pursue them joyfully!

If you can do these things for her,just because she deserves them and believe me when I say she does,you're on the right tract to understanding and communicating emotionally and effectively with woman.If you can't, let her go so she can find the one who will help enhance her happiness and fulfill her desires! Notice I said enhance! No person can make another person happy,we can only enhance or encourage whatever is already there! We can't change each other either,so if your lover or partner has issues you can't accept or deal with,again you are with the wrong partner.

Men,I hope you take this advice to heart and develope a desire to learn and please that special lady that is the object of your affection.The rewards from her will be nothing less than spectacular in all aspects of your life!

Tennismaiden,Thankyou from my deepest heart.
The absolute best to all.

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11/25/2005 3:04 pm

What's Next you ask?
I would love to hear you sing!As great as you are in all other areas you must have a beautiful voice as well!

Ask me anything you would like and I'll tell it like it is from my point of view

KUDOS to you too Baby!


I hope fucking your beautiful brain is as good for you as it is for me!LOL, Hope to hear from you soon!

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