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We left off with LISTEN & LEARN!
You may say I heard what she said.You may have heard the words but did you fully comprehend what she means and what she is feeling? Probably Not!

WOMEN think emotionally! This means that their thoughts are truly connected straight from the heart,a very loving yet fragile place that must be protected at all cost for her happiness & well being!

Have you ever wondered how and why a woman can meet another woman in a public place,even a restroom and strike up an instant conversation & friendship.It is because they connect with each other emotionally which is not inherent in men and must be learned.

MEN,on the other hand think with their Penis,sorry guys,I had to throgh that in there for LOL for the women!Men think rationally without the emotional connection.THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WOMEN DON'T THINK RATIONALLY! IT JUST MEANS THEIR THOUGHTS ARE SINCERELY HEARTFELT!

In understanding the differences in the thought process of Men & Women and you approach your learning to understand and effectively communicate with them on an emotional level you will see the results of more frequent,pleasurable gratifying sex for both of you.

LISTEN: Everything she has to say about anything should be very important to you because it certainly is to her!So Listen intently to what she is saying. Hold her hand and look into her eyes when you are talking and let her finish what she is saying before you comment.Take what she has said to heart before you comment and give her honest,sincere answers,not what you think she wants to hear! Try to understand what she is saying from her perspective,not yours,then form your answer with your own feelings and emotions coming from the heart.By doing this you are stimulating her most erogenous zone (HER MIND)!

LEARN: Learn that no matter what you never say or do anything to put her down or demean her in any way,EVER! This just causes her emotional pain and causes her to start to distance herself from you and you lose whatever chances you may have had for sex,emotional bonding and total mutual sexual fulfillment. This causes what we refer to as growing apart and will continue to manifest and worsen over time causing total emotional and physical separation!

Now I want you to ponder this and let it sink in before we continue!

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