White Beach, Wild Bitch!  

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6/4/2006 12:38 pm

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White Beach, Wild Bitch!

White Beach in Puerto Galera is one certified HoT place.
I was there one April weekend with a friend I just met a week earlier. It was our second date actually and the first outside of the city.
We went swimming, snorkling, island hopping, and had various water sports activities that I got so exhausted later in the day; i fell asleep moments after going back to our hotel room.
I was awaken by my mate at around 8pm to dine out. He was drunk already having consumed about 6 bottles of San Mig while I was having a good sleep. We found sizzling grilled food, superb sounds, and nice crowd in an all-gay restaurant in the beach front.
People dine, drink, and dance; everybody were enjoying the beat until a group of teen-age girls went sexy dancing... the lights were out, the crowd joined in... it was wild party at the beach.
I felt a little uncomfortable; got horny - tipsy maybe over 5 shots of cuervo - but my partner was down already and knocked out by alcohol. His head on top of the table; drunk dead. I asked the man beside us to help me bring my friend back to the hotel but he suggested otherwise; we didn't disturb his sleep and I stayed foot to enjoy the party. It was fun!
The man insisted later that I should move over and join him on his table. He gave me sizzling body shots that carried my soul away... minutes later, I found myself half-naked in the beach, right in the warm sea waters, close to a boat anchored by the shore - a stone-throw away from the crowd and the friend I'm supposed to be dating with - being kissed and mashed by a complete stranger. It wasn't so dark but I could hardly see people near us. I wouldn't mind anyway if somebody should have noticed us; I was enjoying the moment and we acted as if we were just swimming in there.
The man was so good and I was so horny. He hit me hard on the right spots until we were totally naked. He pumped me good... up-front, standing, from behind, and finally lying on my back in the fine sands of the beach... in shallow water. He started slow, whispering nasty things while hitting me harder and deeper.. I could feel him inside banging my inner self... felt I was dying! His sroke became faster and more intense as if he was exploding until he unloaded onto my face down to my breasts and back into my mouth. I took all he got... then we rested for a while in the sand.

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6/24/2006 2:34 pm

... sure I'll be back there come summer time again.

rm_jayboy0681 35M
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4/9/2007 11:32 pm

what a really good story..nice one...

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