Almost a month  

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1/25/2006 1:40 pm

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Almost a month

I'm about a week shy of being back on AdultFriendFinder for a full month and so far I have been pleasantly suprised. Maybe it's because I understand how things work a little better this time around but it seems that I have received more of a response from some of the women I have been in contact with. I have heard from many different types of women and it suprises me the range of women who have some attraction towards me.

This past week has been a particularly nice one in the connections I have made so far. A woman I originally met in my first tour of the site recently returned herself after a bit of a break. I'm hoping that we get a chance to meet up again sometime in the future. We really enjoyed ourselves the last time we were able to get together. I met another woman for the first time, or so I thought, this week as well. Come to find out we had met in the past through mutual friends and she remembered me from back then. She was very nice in the way she described me from years ago and at the end of our meeting we both agreed that we'd have to get together again very soon. As it turns out, she lives less than a mile away! Today I was able to have lunch with someone who first found me from reading my blog. Our conversation seemed to flow very easily and we both enjoyed one another's company. She was in the middle of her work day so we didn't have time for anything else but I'm hoping that our next get together will allow us to become even better aquainted.

I hope the next time I have a chance to update my blog I'll have some more entertaining details to give. Also, anyone is more than welcome to comment on anything they read. I don't mind helpful suggestions and comments and I do check often so I will read them fairly quickly. And if you enjoy reading and would like to have and entry about you all you have to do is get in touch...


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