Worth the risk or not?  

Hot_n_waiting666 40F
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3/10/2006 3:19 am

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4/12/2006 4:44 am

Worth the risk or not?

OK it's Friday - FINALLY - YEA!!!

I am sitting at my desk, at work thinking of the pictures ppl sent to me over the last few days and its making me as horny as ever, (esp as I am wearing my sexy black undies over my toned and tanned body), and on the odd occasion of escape until I see the mountain of paperwork that awaits my attention I might secretly return to the AdultFriendFinder site and chat.

My situation is further exacerbated because there is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous man at work. He started his placement last week, my mind flirts with his body from afar, as I spot him randomly darting around the office. I wonder if he suspects as my eyes enrapt his frame under that sharp suit?

There is something else about him that intrigues me...he's obviously bright, mysterious and has a strong presence about, he is very striking and the way he presents himself in a slightly cocky and arrogant way excites me to the core... but something is missing...??? I can not pin point it.

He is perhaps too friendly with me; considering its work...We met earlier last week at the photocopier, neither of us stopped smiling and our eyes and body language did all the talking. The air was filled with sexual tension and lust.

I wanted him to hoist me onto that copier and push my black pencil skirt up my silky thighs, with his big manly strong-looking hands; way past the top of my lacy black stockings, whilst simultaneously kissing me in a frenzied fashion.

I wanted him to rip my shirt to reveal my ample chest, pull my G to one side before pulling me roughly towards him and cupping one of my breasts...unfortunately this is work and the office is busy as per usual

Drinks with clients later tonight and also tomorrow should be interesting with him around...he's already offered me a lift home, and I might accept - that is if I force myself to go home, hahaha ...anyone ever had a work encounter before? If so was it worth it?

He emails me stupid things that he is 'unsure of' but obviously knows, since in the comapny he's higher than me - position wise ( heehe)!

I try to minimize the contact and am professional and business like in my response, to keep him at arms length. When really I want to exploit him in that copier room...> >! there is nothing sexier than making a mans cock grow and getting harder in my mouth, with the thrill of being caught.

OK back to 'my mountain' hhahaaha excuse the pun,lol


aascrompn 42M
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3/15/2006 9:39 am

It's too bad I don't work there... I would be happy to help you w/ the copier.

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