Typical Pattaya Friday Night FMF  

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8/26/2006 5:19 pm

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Typical Pattaya Friday Night FMF

This blog is about another fun encounter this past Friday night. Please see our album by the same name to follow along. Please also see some of our new profile photo's.

We had known this girl Lee for about 2 months and had played a little slap and tickle with her. Last Friday she had gone out with Randal (see previous blog and albums) Randal’s report back was that she was so tight he could hardly get his big dick into her. I found out how true that was.

We meet her at Angel’s on Walking Street and after a few drinks, Pon said she wanted to party with her. It did not take much to convince me as during these few drinks she and a couple of other girls had been stroking my dick by reaching up the pant legs of my shorts. Nice guy that I am I helped them out a bit by moving the crotch of my under-shorts off to the side to give them clear access.

There is nothing like proceeding down Walking Street to a short time hotel with one sexy lady on each arm. Sure makes a guy feel good. See photo # 1. Wouldn’t you like to have this pair holding on to you walking down the street!

After the preliminary shower the girls posed for me before the action started. See photo # 2. Pon and I have had many beautiful girls together and I have had my share as well, but I think she makes the top 5 easily. We began by each licking and sucking on one of her small hard nipples. It was not long before she came just with that stimulation. This is the first time I have had a woman cum just by nipple play. It was kind of neat. See photo #3.

As she was still in the last throws of cumming Pon began lapping up her womanly juices. Lying on my back under Pon’s twitching and pulsating pussy I brought her to a climax with my tongue by quickly vibrating it over her clit. For me and most men this is a sure turn on. See photo#4.

After they had finished, I had Lee sit on my face while Pon continued sucking on her nipples. It was now that I understood why Randal had such a hard time penetrating her small pussy. After lubing her slit, clit and pussy with my tongue I tried inserting my thumb into her. I could not believe how tight and small it was. I could fell her pussy walls squeezing down on my thumb as I licked above her throbbing clit. It was not long before my face was flooded with her sweet nectar flowing from her orgasm. See photo #5

Once the girls were satisfied they started licking my balls and dick. See photo #6. With the feel of Lee’s tongue on the velvety head of my throbbing dick and with Pon licking and sucking on my balls, it became harder and harder to hold back from cumming. Pon began jacking me while at the same time rubbing my pre-cum soaked dick head over Lee’s pretty face. Lifting my head from the pillow the visual and physical stimulation caused me to cum all over Lee’s face. See photo # 7. My thick cum trickled down my dick down onto my balls both girls lapped it up like a couple of cats at a bowl of cream. Pon squeezed the last drops onto Lee’s face and lips, then quickly moved up and kissed first Lee then myself. The taste of my cum mixed with their pussy juice was a very heady mixture. See photo #8.

Is it any wonder why I love Pon and Pattaya?

For all of our friends have fun and stay wet/hard. lol

good69good 94M

8/31/2006 5:58 pm

all i can say is that life must be very rough over there. you cum up with some of the best looking women. keep up the good work. work?

rm_fshfull 48M

8/31/2006 8:54 pm

You have the best life over there Any places for sale close to you I want to move there

silbermond1955 60M/61F

9/1/2006 10:13 am

echt klasse deine frau würden euch gerne kennenleren grusskim u. ingo

rm_fotze2 57M/59F
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9/1/2006 11:17 pm

liebe grüsse aus wien.
kann man mehr von dieser nassen fotze sehen?
würden uns über eine nette mail von euch freuen.
dickes bussi auf den kit

MetedAdeemTwain 49M
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9/2/2006 2:12 am

Dude, way to score, but if she was so tight, why not fuck her?? Ever need help. I'm there for ya!!

rm_duckyforuall 43M
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9/20/2006 4:42 am

Good stories.
You guys having much fun, keep going on

tea4234ormore 61M/47F

3/18/2007 2:29 pm

Sorry i missed you guys while i was over there.But HOOTY GIRLS in Walking St are very good.L&J

nudeandhorny69 71M
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2/23/2010 6:43 am

what is yr other site

Tantricmassage1 41M
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3/6/2010 12:08 pm


male6026 68M

10/9/2010 2:10 pm

what a lovely story you are a lucky guy, thats the way it should be evrywhere.

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