One Night in Bangkok ...  

Hot_Bugga 45M
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4/6/2006 10:00 am

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One Night in Bangkok ...

I was in bangkok for business trip and then I went out to RCA. There was club called Slims. It used to be a joint for teens but the age groups have moved upwards to now people in their 20s.

I was dancing in a section where they were playing house music and I noticed one girl who was looking at me. So I smiled at her and she smiled back. after dancing and looking at each other for a while. I approached her and asked if I could dance with her. She said ok. She said she thought I was thai and was surprised I talked to her in english.

She was with 2 other guys and another girl but I can tell from the body language that she was not attached to any of them. After dancing normally for a while, we did some sexy dancing together. I then took her to introduce to my friends. When walking from the dance floor, I held her hands.

After more talking, dancing, drinking, touching and flirting, I did the daring thing and asked her if she would like to go back to the hotel with me. "Heck why not, all the positive signs were there"

She smiled and said ok. She told her friends that she will go back with me. Her girl friend was jealous and asked why I was not taking her back instead ... hahaha I took her friend to introduce to my friend but they were not interested in her. I should have just asked her is she wanted to do a threesome.

Anyway, we went back to the hotel and went to shower but seperately. She asked if I had any clean t-shirt and I loaned one to her. After she was done, we crept into bed together. She said we should just sleep. I was thinking to myself, "yeah, right ... just sleep ? hahaha". so anyway, I didn't want to be rude so we just laid down on bed. But she crossed her legs over mine and her hand over my chest.

I turned to her and we started kissing. She rubbed her crotch, panties on, over my cock and got me all hard. I carressed her back and then in front over her breast. She was still wearing her bra. I told her to take it off and she just laughed. She asked me to do it for her. I tried to but it was difficult (not enough practice I think) and I asked her to take it off again. She laughed again but obliged and took off her bra.

I rubbed her thighs and moved her shirt up so I could carress her pussy and then her naked tits. She moaned something in thai but it sounded sexy.

We continued kissing ... her lips are so soft and her tongue very gentle. She started to stroke my already hard dick from the outside. I removed her t-shirt to admire her breasts. It was a good size with small nipples. I massaged her breasts which were very soft and sucked on her tits till they were hard. I pulled away at her panties and at the same time she pulled my shirt and my underwear off. We were both naked under the sheets.

Her whole body felt warm ... maybe because of the alcohol she had at the club maybe she was all high and aroused, but it was nice to feel her hot body rub against mine. While kissing and sucking on her tits, she moaned with pleasure. I continued kissing downwards past her tummy to her waiting pussy. It already all wet. I smiled to myself ... "she is really enjoying this". Her pussy smelled sweet, just like thai mango.

I licked her pussy all over, her body squirmed with enjoyment. I grabbed her butt with my hands and tongue fucked her. Her pussy moved in enjoyment each time my tongue touched her clit. I slipped my finger into her cunt and reached for her g-spot, licking and sucking on her clit at the same time. I think she has not felt pleasure this intense because she moaned even louder and shot off a stream of thai words I could not understand. I am sure it must have meant something like, "Oh my god ! You fucking buddha, you fucking elephant, don't stop, don't stop"

Her pussy was so tight. Even with one finger, it fit like a glove. "I was going to have a good time fucking her later." I rubbed my finger on her g-spot in little circles, at first lightly but with each circle I increased more pressure. I could tell that she was cumming. I moved my fingers even faster and licked even harder. She cummed and cummed hard, but I was not letting go. I continued fingering her g-spot and flicked my tongue on her clit like a tornado ... she continued to cumm some more. She moaned to me, "please ...." and she tried to pull away, she could not take in the waves of orgasm going through her body.

I think she wasn't sure if she could take it anymore and at the same time she did not want me to stop. "please ... " she went again. Finally I stopped licking and using my finger. Quickly climbing on top of her, I whipped out my dick and thrust it in her wet and slippery cunt.

Oh that felt great, it was so tight and slippery. Her cunt was warm, her whole body was warm and sweaty. I fucked her like a mad man. After 10 minutes of fast and furious fucking, I pulled out my dick exploded my cum all over her. Man that was such a great fuck.

Bangkok, I am definitely cumming to visit you again !!

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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4/9/2006 1:23 pm

Dam, that was a hot story indeed...

i believe my panties are wet now, time for that cold shower!


Hot_Bugga 45M

4/10/2006 8:27 am

Hahaha ... glad you liked it. By the way it was a true story. ; )

chocolatcreme 104F
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4/23/2007 6:41 pm

I bet you have more erotic stories to tell eh.

Hot_Bugga 45M

4/25/2007 7:46 am

hahaha ... i get talkative over a beer ... want to go out for a drink ?

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