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12/1/2005 7:44 am

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You guys ever been to Bangsar in KL ? Yes, where all the "wannabes" go to be seen and all the "already there" hang out. It's also the place where it's almost impossible to get a car park by the road. Most people resort to parking at an open car park some distance away or just pay for valet parking.

Well, I was up there with my malaysian lady colleague for drinks last Friday. We both kinda have a thing for each other and have openly flirted in office but nothing has come out of it before.

Anyway, that Friday I asked her out for drinks and there were were at one of the Cafe Flam and we ordered a bottle of wine. It was not too crowded and the music was good. I guess after the second glass, we were both less inhibited and were chatting, laughing and hugging.

I guess at some point, I must have layed my hand on her thighs. Hmmm ... nice move. Well, you know guys if the girl does not push your hand away, that's a positive signal. Anyway, another glass wine poured and my hands were stroking her thighs under the table.

Wow, can you imagine how excited I was when she parted her legs ever so slightly so that I can move my hands up higher.

By the time we finished the bottle of wine, we were both so horny we almost fucked on the table. hahahaha. Anyway, we hurried to my car, once inside we were kissing and making out. My hands pulled her skirt up and stroked her pussy. I could feel her wetness seeping through her panties.

But goddamn it, too many people around the car park area so we can't possibly fuck and not give a way a good free show. Luckily, she was familiar with Bangsar and asked me to drive up to the houses nearby. Right at the edge of some houses was a hill. Pretty secluded. Great. We parked my car and continued making out in the front seat. She got on top and took off her panties. She slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy.

The car gear shift and parking brakes were in the way, so she had to maneuver her legs at an awkward position to move up and down on me. A couple of times she had to duck low when a car swung past with the headlights filling the interior of my car.

I try to move under her, thrusting my dick upwards to meet her hot pussy. Damn this sex was surreal. After about 10 minutes, we slowed down. It was hard to cum like this. Definitely hard for me or her to move fast.

In the end, we decided to just masturbate each other until we both cummed hard. Good thing the tissue paper box was within reach. We cleaned up and went home.

And that was the first time I did it in the car. And the first time I did it with her.

Anyone had a similar encounter ?

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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12/11/2005 7:40 pm

Many a time in my own car next to the railroad tracks,
as i drove a male friend home from work,drove up his long driveway, we stopped in a shaded spot on the left side half way up,
we kissed slowly first,then deeper with some tongue
(my passenger seat slides all the way back flat against the back seat of my car)he unbuttoned/unzipped my pants & slide his hand inside my thong to find me nice & wet, my hands undid his pants sliding them to the floor,my mouth came down on him stroking him hard as a rock,
i reached inside my glove compartment to tear open a condom i kept there(just incase something like this ever happened)twirling my tongue around the tip of his c*ck then slid the condom down on his erection then slid my pants off along with my thong quickly, & move over to straddle him, sliding his hard c*ck deep inside my throbbing wet p*ssy,sliding up,down & around his rock-hard c*ck,
i squeezed my inner muscles around him, driving him over the edge cumming so hard inside me,his mouth came down on my sweet spot on my neck driving me over the edge to the best orgasmic heights ever cumming so hard all over his c*ck buried deep within me...

As for the the gear changer, it was in the way a little, but we managed to survive with a few bruises mostly on me,lol...

It was erotic experience for me, & love to do again & again with the right man is always fun...

btw, love ur pic, very erotic...caught my eye...and thats not easy to do...hehe


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