To Blog or Not To Blog  

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11/14/2005 2:55 pm

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To Blog or Not To Blog

I'm sorry blog - it's been 2 days since my last blog. Don't hate me for not blogging. What is a blog anyways? Where the hell did that name come from? A year ago, were there even such things as blogs? I know when I had my diary about oh 25 years ago, I didn't call it a blog. And oh the things I wrote about - too funny...seems I got more action then than I do now. I would write about who I loved(and list about 10 who kissed me. I remember my first french kiss and writing that I didn't understand why he wanted to put his tongue in my mouth..LMAO. Scotty McCullough was his name and it was the roof of my house when I was in 5th grade. Well hopefully I have improved on the art of kissing since the 5th grade. I'm sure the boys would agree...wonder where Scotty is now? Would love to prove it. Bet he never thought I would end up writing blogs on an adult website - now that is funny!!!!
I've been lucky in my life to have very few relationships that ended badly. I've always managed to stay friends..or at least end on good terms. I think staying true friends is hard after things go the wrong direction. I somehow think that won't be the case with my current relationship - I hope I am not the only one who can see how bad this is's so much easier to stay cordial when both people can see that the relationship is in the crapper - so you just move on.
Talking to my father a few weeks ago, he told me that my first real boyfriend had called him looking for me. Now why in the world would he call? He was the first boy I had sex with and the first relationship that ended badly. From what I understand he has called a few times since then to make sure my dad has given me the message and phone number (which I told dad to throw away). "John" was a weirdo then (I was 16 I didn't know how weird guys could get back then, so I loved him)..and knowing what I know now - 20 years later - he's still a weirdo. Hope he is happy and healthy, but I don't live in the past..i've moved on and so should he.

CRAP - have to work now...they don't pay me to blog - - hmmmmm, what a stupid word that is! Wonder if it's listed in the dictionary yet? LOL

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